Boehmer Army Airfield, Hoppstädten-Weiersbach, 1995
(Roger Pritts via Hanno Englaender)
Open House at Hoppstaedten-Weiersbach.
This 1960s scene shows the main aircraft types of 3rd ACR in front of the large main hangar at Boehmer airfield: O-1 Bird Dog, OH-13 Sioux and CH-34 Choctaw. The first nissen hut visible in the background is the base club "Happy Valley Inn". Also, it appears that Hoppstaedten-Weiersbach had no ATC-tower.
Roger Pritts posing in front of CH-34A 53-4477. This is an example of the first batch of H-34's delivered to the Army. The aircraft sports 3rd ACR "Brave Rifles" markings on the engine cowling.