Index of Units & Activities
Edwards Barracks, mid-1960s
(Input from source documents and readers
(Source: Jerry Cronk, A Co, 143rd Sig Bn, Edwards Bks, January 1964-August 1964)
When I was there from Jan 64 to Aug 66 the following were the uses that I remember.

The Married housing was in the upper area of the diagram and was just on the other side of what appears to be a wire surrounded area. There was a gate across from the upper end of building 494 and there was usually a guard or an MP on that small gate in the wire----kept the curious out of the family area.

476 Gate MP building

477 45th Medics

478 Hq and A Company, 143rd Signal Battalion barracks and offices. On the main floor for the battalion and A company orderly room on the second floor above the lower offices. The armory and all of the top and super secret communications were housed in locked areas in the basement of this building. You had to have a minimum of a secret clearance to even knock on the doors.

485 503rd S & T Bn barracks

484 503rd S & T Bn warehouse and wash rack

486 Mess Hall (two story---EM’s on main floor, NCO’s second floor

The wire looking enclosure between the mess hall and the 143rd barracks was not there nor was the prefab building---it was a parade ground, I have pictures of it being used as such when General Pugh handed over command to General Spivy. I took pics from the attic of 478. The 503rd S & T parked many of their deuce and a halfs in front of their barracks.

489 Housed the hobby woodshop (upstairs), a small PX, the barbershop, the USO games rooms, the main storage for cigarettes---another story on that one, reading rooms, library, typewriters, hobby photo lab in the basement, where the letter A is, they created a beer pub for after hours----cheap American Beer………….nothing German. Had to go across the street from the Kaserne to the Gasthaus.

492 503rd S & T Bn shops and motor pools. Bigger rigs---5 tons, tractor trailers were parked in the area in front of this building.

493 Lower 143rd shop offices (Mr. English and then later Mr. Wade were the warrants who were in charge of the maintenance). It was also a small welding shop/motor pool for the courier jeeps.

495 Main motor pool for the bigger vehicles (2½ ton and ¾ ton vehicles, the M113 APCs, and the 5 ton wrecker).

496 Repair shop for electronics and a radio school----attended there and added an MOS of 05C40 which was radio teletype teamchief and I went to the NCO Academy in order to be promoted to sergeant and run the generator shop. Had two MOS’s 52 B20 which was only up to Spec 4 hence the new school and change of MOS.

494 Generator shop at the lower ½ of the building which I ran and the upper half was where the platoon sergeant and the section staff sergeants (VHF, Radio, and Wire sections had their offices).

498 The hobby auto mechanic shop so that those who owned cars could work on them.

491 This where the chapel and the chaplain were.

487 Drawing a blank on this one. I think it may have been associated with the mess hall but I am not sure.

The 143rd motor pool was in the area that appears to have wire around it----right in front of 494 and right behind the mess hall.

Hope this helps put some flesh on Edwards Kaserne.

Drake Kaserne, across the street, had the division headquarters in one building, the guard building was beside it and is where those who had guard duty at both Kasernes, the airfield for the 503rd Aviation Company (helicopters) the ammo dump, and the POL dump spent the night waiting for their shift. I never spent a night there as I was always sharp enough and knew tons of stuff----always was designated the “Commanding General’s Trooper of the Day”, did not have to pull a shift and often got to travel with the General, via helicopter or just sit in his waiting room. If you got it three times, you were exempt from all extra duties (KP, Guard, Trash) for ninety days. I had a wall of those certificates and no extra duties.

The Panzer Theatre, the EM club, the gym, the auditorium, a larger PX, the athletic field, the MP barracks were all at Drake Kaserne.

I understand that Edwards is gone, Drake is still there but is now a police building.