Büdingen Airfield, Büdingen, around 2003-2005
(Source: Phil Philipps, Germany)
The Buedingen Airfield is still guarded by contracted security guards even though there are no helicopters left. While I worked with the BMCT we were also responsible for all movements incl. Buedingen. On the airfield there were three Air Cav Troops stationed (D = Desperado, E = Executioner, F = Falcon). They had OH-58 Kiowas and have been deactivated. With the transformation of troops in Europe and redesigning the Cav, USAREUR decided to get rid of the Air Cav part in units - the same happened to the 1-4 Cav in Schweinfurt. The three Troops in Buedingen were deactivated in March / April of 2004, and if I'm not mistaken the Helicopters were sent to Ft. Drum, N.Y.)
The access road to the airfield.
Sign at airfield