Fliegerhorst Kaserne, Hanau, mid-1950s?
(unknown photographer)
Building #38, Fliegerhorst Kaserne. This building was across the quadrangle from Bldg #37 shown in a photo on the Hanau Signal Depot Page.
(Photos are from a photo album without a name or additional references. However, photos included Nellingen near Stuttgart and Fliegerhorst Ksn in Hanau and a truck with unit markings. Date on back of pictures state they were taken in September 1952. My guess is they were taken by a member of the 141st Tank Bn just after they arrived in the European theater. The unit must have been located at Nellingen for a brief time before moving to Fliegerhorst in Hanau. This is very possible as the former Hanau Signal Depot (= Fliegerhorst) was probably being rehabiliated after the Signal Depot moved to Pirmasens.)