Ellwangen Kaserne, Ellwangen, unknown date
(German post card, Schöning Luftbild)
Ellwangen Kaserne is in the forefront of the picture.

On 23 April 1945, US Army troops occupied the Mühlberg Kaserne in Ellwangen (Jagst). Various Army units used the kaserne in Ellwangen until the Spring of 1946. The "International Refugee Organisation" (IRO) used the facility as a displaced persons camp for 3,000 Ukrainian refugees until 1951. In 1951, the US Army - the combat engineer battalion and medical battalion of the 28th Infantry Division - reoccupied the kaserne. In September 1955 the Americans returned the kaserne to the German government. On 23 July 1956, the first Bundeswehr unit, the 24th Grenadier Battalion, moved into the kaserne - Ellwangen was the first Bundeswehr garrison in Baden-Württemberg.