Harvey Barracks, Kitzingen, 1984-85
Bob Hyde)
Area around 1st Battalion, 64th Armor barracks.
This pic was taken the same day as the one below. You’ll notice my car at the right side of the pic. The stone building to the left of our billet was the 1/64 HQ and messhall. In the center of the pic is the DBB railroad spur line that 1/64 AR, 3/63 AR and 1/15 INF used to load their Abrams and Bradleys on railcars for the wonderous trips to Graf and Hohenfels. The building to the left of the photo may have belonged to the 66th Maint Co. but I’m not positive of that. Our HHC billet was somewhere behind it.
These photos were taken in the Winter of 1984-1985, I’m thinking Jan-Feb of 1985. It was a Sunday and I had SDO. In the 1/64 billet pic above you can see a maroon 1982 Mustang GT which was the car I brought to Germany in 1982. Sunday was the only time I could park right in front of our billet. The door behind my car was the entrance to B Co, 1/64 Armor. I was the XO of B Co, 1/64 AR at the time. I was also a Platoon Leader in A 1/64 before that. The door next to the jeep in the pic was the A 1/64 entrance.