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One of our readers suggested recently that we add a page to the web site that lists books that cover the history of the US Army in Europe or that deal with any other aspects of the US military presence in Germany or Europe during the Cold War period. To narrow this down a little, we would like to include in the list primarily those books that are still in print and are available through Barnes & Noble, Amazon or any other bookstores or through online sources. If you have any books to suggest, please submit the title of book, author and ISBN number. You can email the information to me (webmaster).


Berlin Brigade

US Constabulary

Occupation Period

DISCLAIMER: The inclusion of a book or other publication in this list does not in any way constitute an endorsement (by the webmaster) of any political opinions or historical interpretations that may be expressed by the respective author, nor does it indicate any commercial relationship between the webmaster and the publishers or resellers.

1. USAREUR - The United States Army in Europe, by Michael Skinner, ISBN: 0-89141-311-1

2. The American Military Occupation of Germany, 1945-1953, by Oliver J. Frederiksen, Headquarters U.S. Army, Europe, 1953

3. The United States Army in Europe, 1953-1963, by D. J. Hickman, Headquarters U.S. Army, Europe, 1964

4. US-Army, 1945-1995, Band I & II, by Peter Blume (German only), ISBN 3-927132-34-9 and ISBN 3-927132-35-7

2. The American Military Occupation of Germany, 1945-1953

3. US-Army, 1945-1995, Band 1

4. US-Army, 1945-1995, Band 2

5. An der Grenze der Freiheit, by Hans-Jürgen Schmidt, 3rd edition, 2005. Border-History-Verlag, Germany. ISBN 3-00-015821-9

6. The Cold War U.S. Army - Building Deterrence for Limited War, by Ingo Trauschweizer, 2008. University Press of Kansas, USA. ISBN 978-0-7006-1578-0

5. An der Grenze der Freiheit

6. The Cold War U.S. Army

7-11. Fahrzeug Profile, German-language military journal. Flugzeug Publications GmbH, Illertissen, Germany. (This journal is now distributed by Unitec Medienvetrieb. Looks like you can order online - I haven't tried that, so I don't know how well that works.)

7. Fahrzeug Profile - Divisional Reconnaissance Battalions 1945-2003

8. Fahrzeug Profile - USAREUR Armored Forces 1950-2003

9. Fahrzeug Profile
- USAREUR Mechanized Infantry 1945-2003

10. Fahrzeug Profile
- USAREUR Tube Artillery 1945-2005

11. Fahrzeug Profile
- USAREUR Rocket Artillery 1954-2008

12. Militärfahrzeug

13. REFORGER 1969-1978

14. REFORGER 1979-1985

15. REFORGER 1986-1993

16. Modern US Military Tactical Vehicles

17. M939 5-ton 6X6 Trucks
11. Peter Blume's most recent publication (Raketenartillerie der US ARMY in Deutschland, 1954 - 2008; German language only) covers the organizational and operational aspects of the rocket and missile artillery units that served with the US Army in Germany between 1954 and the present. LOTS of photos - some contributed by several readers of the website. Weapon systems covered: MGR-1 Honest John; MGM-18A Lacrosse; MGM-5 Corporal; Redstone; MGM-31A Pershing; MGM-29A Sergeant; MGM-52C Lance; MLRS M-270)
12. Militärfahrzeug, German-language military journal.Tankograd Publishing, Erlangen, Germany.
13. REFORGER 1969 - 1978 (Special No. 3006) is the first of three special issues of the Tankograd American Special series (Verlag Jochen Vollert). This one covers the US Army vehicles used during the early REFORGER exercises from 1969 to 1978. Author is Walter Böhm. Complete text in German and English! ISBN 978-3-936519-05-6. Photos (lots of them!) are from official sources and personal photos taken by US Army and German civilians who participated or observed these annual large-scale deployment exercises. Click here for back cover.
14. REFORGER 1979 - 1985 (Special No. 3007) ISBN 978-3-936519-06-4

15. REFORGER 1986 - 1993 (Special No. 3008) ISBN 978-3-936519-07-2
16. Carl Schulze has compiled an wonderful encyclopedia that provides a comprehensive overview of US tactical vehicles (tracked and wheeled) in service with US Army, USMC and NATO forces spanning the period from the end of the Cold War through 2007, including the more recent operations in Iraq. LOTS of photos and technical details. ISBN 978-3-936519-04-8. Click here for back cover.

17.MASSTER - MERDC - DUALTEX: Multi-tone Camouflage Schemes on Vehicles of USAREUR in the Cold War, by Hans-Bernd Glanz and Markus Bach. Tankograd Publishing, Erlangen, Germany.

In the 1970s the US Armed Forces intended to replace the olive drab mono-color camouflage with a new modern multi-tone camouflage pattern. These efforts led to three major trials that were carried out to a large extent with US units in Germany. The multi-tone camouflage schemes MASSTER, MERDC and DUALTEX would dominate the "look" of US Army vehicles on Central European roads all the way up to the late 1980s.

This publication tells the background story of these trials underlined by contemporary indicative colour photographs and modern computer-enhanced colour samples.

This is the first comprehensive and fully illustrated documentation on the subject.

(Webmaster note: I am usually very careful about suggesting books or journals to my readers - but in this case I can highly recommend this publication. I have purchased several of these special issue publications by Tankograd. They are awesome!)

Tankograd Publishing is looking for retailers (booksellers, model shops, etc.) in the US to sell their publications!
If you are interested, you can contact Jochen Vollert, the owner of Verlag Jochen Vollert which publishes Tankograd.

Recent publications from the US Army Center of Military History (Click on cover for synopsis)

“RUCK IT UP!”: The Post-Cold War Transformation of V Corps, 1990–2001, by
Charles E. Kirkpatrick (CMH Pub 70-94-1), chronicles the post−Cold War transformation of a traditional tank-heavy corps to a lighter reaction force readily deployable within the U.S. European Command area of operations.

Building for Peace: U.S. Army Engineers in Europe, 1945-1991, by Robert Grathwol and Donita M. Moorhus (GPO S/N: 008-029-00409-7 - hard cover), traces the U.S. Army's engineering construction activities in Europe, beginning immediately after World War II in 1945 and ending with the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991.

20. Signal Corps, by
Rebecca Robbins Raines (GPO S/N: 008-029-00404-6), contains the lineage, honors, and heraldic items for Regular Army, Army Reserve, Army National Guard signal units at battalion level and above.

18. “RUCK IT UP!”

19. Building for Peace: U.S. Army Engineers in Europe, 1945-1991

20. Signal Corps
Berlin Brigade
1. American Forces In Berlin Cold War Outpost, by Robert P. Grathwol & Donita M. Moorhus, ISBN 0-16-045272-4
2. Outpost Berlin, The History Of The American Forces In Berlin, 1945-1994, by Henrik Bering, ISBN 1-883695-07-4
US Constabulary
1. Mobility, Vigilance, Justice. The US Constabulary, A History, by William M. Tevington, ISBN 1-56311-469-0

2. The Establishment and Operations of the United States Constabulary, 3 October 1945 - 30 June 1947. Unit history published by HQ US Constabulary. Out of print! (Check - I have seen the manuscript on eBay several times over the past several years.)

3. United States Zone Constabulary Trooper's Handbook. First Edition. Published by HQ US Constabulary. (Check - I have seen the manuscript on eBay several times over the past several years.)
4. Forgotten Peacekeepers - The Story of the United States Constabulary in Germany, by John Capone, ISBN 978-0-578-02799-9

2. Establishment and Operations

3. Trooper's Handbook

4. Forgotten Peacekeepers
Occupation Period
1. P.O.W. Camp 78, Zuffenhausen, Germany, by Melvin Bielawski, ISBN:1-4033-0630-3 (Electronic); ISBN:1-4033-0631-1 (Softcover); ISBN:1-4033-3479-X (Hardcover). Available through Barnes & Noble and other major book stores and via the Internet, etc.
2. Bremerhaven und die Amerikaner, by Horst-Eberhard Friedrichs, ISBN: 978-3-86509-783-5. In GERMAN! Available via the Internet, etc. (Lots of old photos of the POE, CSK and other US facilities in the area. I have a copy and am very satisfied.)

2. Bremerhaven und die Amerikaner