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Installation Maps - late 1970s

1. Wharton Bks, Heilbronn

2. Wharton Bks, Heilbronn

3. Dolan Bks, Schwäbisch Hall


Topographical map (Landesvermessungsamt Baden-Württemberg, L6920 / 1:50 000) of the Heilbron-Neckarsulm area.


Topographical map (Landesvermessungsamt Baden-Württemberg, L6924 / 1:50 000) of the Schwäbisch Hall area.

Note: location of Einkorn Radio Station is only approximate. If anyone has exact location information, I would like to hear from them. Webmaster's email address is at top of page.

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Wharton Bks

A. Priesterwald Kaserne, Heilbronn

B. Schlieffen Kaserne, Heilbronn

C. Ludendorff Kaserne, Heilbronn
D. Ludendorff Kaserne, Heilbronn

E. Priesterwald Kaserne, Heilbronn

F. Schlieffen Kaserne, Heilbronn

G. Ludendorff Kaserne, Heilbronn

Main gate, Wharton Barracks

Barracks buildings at Wharton Barracks (?)

Heilbronn Officers Club sign

1. Post Chapel

2. Housing area

3. Housing area


4. Wharton Bks, Heilbronn, 1952

5. Wharton Bks, Heilbronn, 1958

6. Wharton Bks, Heilbronn, 1960

Badenerhof Ksn

Ludendorff Kaserne, Heilbronn, late 1930s (German postcard)

Badenerhof Kaserne, around 1960 (Roger Wollstadt)

Artillery Ksn

A. Artillerie Ksn, Neckarsulm

B. Artillerie Ksn, Neckarsulm


Artillery Kaserne, Neckarsulm, late 1950s (Webmaster's collection)

Artillery Kaserne, Neckarsulm, late 1950s (Webmaster's collection)

Bldg #504 and main gate

Bldg #502 and gym (right)

1. Artillery Ksn, around 1960
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2. Artillery Ksn, Neckarsulm

3. The local car wash?


4. Artillery Ksn, Neckarsulm, 1955

5. Artillery Ksn, Neckarsulm, 2001



Artillery Kaserne, Neckarsulm, 1962 (Bob Medlock)

EM-NCO Club, Artillery Kaserne, 1962 (Bob Medlock)

26th Sig Bn RATT rig behind 46th FA Gp HQ Building, Artillery Kaserne, 1962 (Bob Medlock)

Dolan Bks

Former Dolan Barracks & Airfield, 2006

1. Hangar

2. Insignia

3. Back of hangar

4. Back of Hangar

5. Airfield Tower

Bldg 444

Bldg 444

9. Bldg 444

10. Bldg 444

8. Bldg 330


1. Main Gate, 1956

2. Leisure time in front of "A" Company barracks, 1956

3. "A" Company barracks, 1956

4. Barracks, 1956

5. Post, 1956

6. "A" Co headquarters on right, 1956

7. 9th Ord Bn headquarters on right, 1956

USMCA Heilbronn (APO 09176) - Garrison History & Operations
Research Request
1. Aerial & ground photos of kasernes & housing areas
Subject: Looking for period photos of the US Army installations (including dependent housing areas, schools, shopping centers, service (gas) stations & miscellaneous storage or maintenance facilities used by EES/AAFES, Quartermaster, Ordnance, Signal and Transportation units/activities) in and around Heilbronn, Neckarsulm & Schwäbisch Hall from 1945 to the 1990s.
Contact: webmaster

2. Installation maps
Subject: Looking for installation maps from all periods for US Army installations in Heilbronn, Neckarsulm, Siegelsbach & Schwäbisch Hall.
Contact: webmaster
3. Military Community map
Requester: Webmaster
Subject: Looking for a map that shows in detail the Heilbronn military community boundaries for the period 1974-1990.
Contact: webmaster

US Army installations in and around Heilbronn & Neckarsulm (GOOGLE)
Heilbronn Military Community patch

Research Request
1. Historical information on installations and units
Looking for historical information on units and military activities including base support in the Heilbronn, Neckarsulm and Schwäbisch Hall area between 1945 and the 1990s.
Contact: webmaster
HISTORY OF Dolan Barracks
(Source: SENTINEL, May 7 1993)
Dolan gets ready for handover

by Lt. Col. (Ret.) George Finley
Former installation commander and Dolan Barracks Historian

During World War II, Dolan Barracks was a German airfield and home of the world's first production line jets, the Messerschmidt 262 fighters.

But once Allied intelligence discovered the presence of the jets, the air field was heavily bombed and the first US. Forces occupied the base after the war. The post was named Camp Dolan and then Dolan Barracks in honor of 2nd Lt. John Dolan, 3rd Platoon, Company C, 771st Tank Battalion, who was awarded the Silver Star at St. Toenis March 2, 1945.

In 1946 the 771st Tank Bn., was redesignated as the 15th Constabulary Squadron, and was responsible for helping distribute food, enforce laws of the occupation and bring grass roots democracy to a demoralized Germany. (Webmaster Note: Actually, the 71st Con Sq was located at Dolan in 1946 and then redesignated as the 15th Con Sq in 1947.)

In 1948, the 5th Artillery Battalion, came to Dolan and was the only battalion in the US Army with a "D" Battery. Battery D is the oldest unit in the Army, having a lineage of uninterrupted service since 1776.

During the 1960's, the principle units were the 46th Medical Battalion, and the 126th Maintenance and Support Battalion. The 18th Medical Detachment, also there at the time, was the longest occupant of Dolan Barracks.

In the fall of 1966 the air field became fully operational with the arrival of the 60th Aviation Company, a part of the 15th Aviation Group. The arrival of the aviation units generated intense dialogue between the aviation units and the German communities over aircraft noise.

Many units came and went, among them the 15th Aviation Group, which became the 11th Aviation Brigade, and moved to Illesheim in 1988. Also, the USAREUR Aviation Standardization Board was at Dolan from 1969 to 1984. Their mission was to certify pilots for duty in USAREUR.

Other units at Dolan in the 1980's were the 223rd Aviation Battalion, and the 203rd Aviation Company, which was redesignated the 6th Battalion, 159th Aviation Regiment. They were part of Operation Provide Comfort and then moved to Giebelstadt in 1992.

Company A, 5th Battalion, 159th Aviation Regiment stayed at Dolan from 1970 to 1993. The 3rd Battalion, 58th Aviation Regiment will soon move to its new station in Wiesbaden.

The 101st Ordnance Battalion, moved from Heilbronn in 1989 and will be inactivated at Dolan's post closing in June.

The post will be turned over to the German authorities on Sept. 30 (1993).

HISTORY OF Artillery Kaserne
(Source: Email from Wolfram Hietschold)
I wanted to tell you that, unfortunatley, the Artillerie Kaserne, former home of the 46th Artillery Group, has been completely torn down by now. The area is now a business area.

(Source: Heilbronn Community Circle, Dec 17 1984)


Officers' Transient Hotel in Schwäbisch Hall, 1952 (Jason Darrow)

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