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Installation Maps

1. Kleber Kaserne and Daenner Kaserne, late 1970s

2. Kaiserslautern Army Depot, Panzer Kaserne and Ordnance Service Center, late 1970s

3. Kapaun Barracks and Pulaski Barracks, late 1970s

4. Landstuhl Hospital, Wilson Barracks and Marceau Kaserne, late 1970s

5. Einsiedler Medical Depot, 1961
Click here for modified map - late 1960s

6. WACom Installations, Kaiserslautern, 1953

7. Kleber, Daenner, Panzer 1953

8. Vogelweh, early 1960s

9. Kapaun Bks, 1957


Map of Kaiserslautern. This map was included in the Western Area Command historical report for 1952.

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Kaiserslautern facilities


Topographical maps of Kaiserslautern and surrounding area. These maps are reproduced from the "U.S. Military Installation Atlas" published by the 37th Transportation Group in 1980.

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Click here for a list of the installations.

Kaiserslautern West (346 KB)

Kaiserslautern West (364 KB)

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A. Daenner Kaserne


US Army Kasernes on west side of Kaiserslautern (Mike Smith)

1. High altitude view of Panzer Kaserne and Ordnance Service Center, 1971

2. High altitude view of Kaiserslautern Army Depot, 1971

3. High altitude view of Daenner Kaserne, 1971

4. High altitude view of Vogelweh, 1960s
5. Kaiserslautern, prob late 1950s


Kleber Ksn


Kleber Kaserne, 1953 (Webmaster's collection)

Kleber Kaserne, mid-1960s (John Buckley, 370th Engr Co)

Kleber Kaserne, recent (Mike Smith)

Kleber Kaserne, recent (Mike Smith)

1. Kleber Ksn, mid-1960s

2. Kleber Ksn, mid-1960s

3. Kleber Ksn, mid-1960s

4. Kleber Ksn, mid-1960s

Daenner Ksn


Aerial photo of Daenner Kaserne, 1952 (Webmaster's collection)

Daenner Kaserne, early 1950s (Webmaster's collection)

Daenner Kaserne, early 1950s (Webmaster's collection)

Daenner Kaserne, early 1950s (Webmaster's collection)

1. Not sure if secondary gate at Daenner

2. Post chapel

3. Perimeter

Panzer Ksn


Hq Detachment, 7812th SCU, Panzer Ksn, 1950 (Oleh Godzak)

Main gate area at Panzer Kaserne, 1950 (Oleh Godzak)

Army band during a ceremony at Panzer Ksn, 1950 (Oleh Godzak)

1. Panzer Ksn, 1950

2. Motor Pool, Panzer Ksn

3. Motor pool wrecker

4. Panzer Ksn, 1950

5. Barracks area

6. Tour bus at Panzer Ksn

7. Oleh's dad at Panzer Ksn


Hq Detachment, 7812th SCU, Panzer Ksn, 1950 (Oleh Godzak)

Hq Detachment, 7812th SCU, Panzer Ksn, 1950 (Oleh Godzak)

Club Rendezvous

9. Panzer Ksn, early 1970s

10. Panzer Ksn, early 1970s
11. Panzer Ksn, around 1960


Kapaun Bks


Kapaun Barracks, 1961 (Webmaster's collection)

Kapaun Barracks, 1961 (Webmaster's collection)

Kapaun Barracks, 1961 (Webmaster's collection)

1. Kapaun Bks, 1961

Kapaun Bks, 1961

3. Kapaun PX & Snack Bar, 1961

4. Kapaun Parade field

5. Kapaun PX, 1956

6. PX entrance, 1956

7. Movie theatre

8. Parade Field 1993

9. PX and Snack Bar

10. Close up

11. Movie theatre

12. 83rd Trans Co barracks

13. Barracks

14. Barracks

15. Parking lot

16. Motor pool gate

17. M4 in the TTP

18. Motor pool

19. Trailer transfer point

20. Trailer transfer point

21. TTP Office

22. Armed Forces Day static display

Christmas menu 1955

23. Kapaun Bks

24. Bldg 2795

25. Barracks

26. Side of bdlg used by Signal Support

27. Maintenance shop

28. Main gate, Kapaun Bks


Army Depot


Kaiserslautern Army Depot, recent (Mike Smith)
Eselsführt QM Facility


Eselsführt Quartermaster Facility, recent aerial (Bing)

Eselsführt Quartermaster Facility after closure (Thomas Neser, Germany)

1. Main gate

2. QM Facility

3. Warehouse or shop bldg
Kaiserslautern Misc.


Vogelweh Shopping Center, 1950s (Webmaster's collection)

Vogelweh Shopping Center, late 1950s (Webmaster's collection)

Vogelweh Bachelor Officer Quarters, 1960 (Webmaster's collection)

Vogelweh 5th Avenue, early 1960s (Webmaster's collection)

1. Officers Club

2. BOQ


3. AFN Kaiserslautern, Vogelweh, prob 1964

4. Vogelweh Commissary, around 1960

5. Club Ka-Zabra, Vogelweh, prob 1964

6. Gym

7. Baseball Field


Landstuhl Med Center
incl. Marceau Ksn & Wilson Bks

Landstuhl Medical Center, recent (Mike Smith)

Main gate, Landstuhl Medical Center, 1955 (Webmaster's collection)

Entrance to Landstuhl Medical Center, 1955 (Webmaster's collection)

Sign on 583rd Ambulance Company barracks, 1955 (Webmaster's collection)

1. Landstuhl Army Hospital, early 1970s

2. Landstuhl Medical Center, 1955

3. EM Club, 1955

4. 20th Station Hospital

5. Wilson Barracks

6. BOQ?

7. 2nd Gen Hosp

8. 2nd Gen Hosp

9. Bismarck Tower

10. Road to Landstuhl, 1955

11. Landstuhl, 1955

11. Landstuhl, 1955

NOTE: I plan to post extracts from the "Troop Units" section of the telephone directories sometime in the near future - if I see that there is any interest.

1. WACom Telephone Directory, 1 June 1953

2. Kaiserslautern Sub Area Telephone Directory, 1 Dec 1956

3. Kaiserslautern Sub Area Telephone Directory, 1 Mar 1958

4. USAFE Ramstein AB Telephone Directory, Jan 1971

USMCA Kaiserslautern / 415th BSB (APO 09054) - Histories, Misc. Information

(Source: STARS & STRIPES, August 1, 1970)
Kaiserslautern Support Activity (KSA)

The Kaiserslautern Support Activity (SUPACT), located at Bldg 1001 in the Vogelweh Housing Area, was recently (July 1970) activated as a new housekeeping sub-unit of the Rhineland Pfalz Support District. The new unit supports over 250 installations (ranging in size and scope from a post chapel to the large Kaiserslautern Army Depot) in the Kaiserslautern area by providing servicemen, DoD employees and their families with the necessities and comforts of life.

Other support activities under the Rhineland Pfalz Support District that have been formed are at Baumholder, Bad Kreuznach, Mainz, Pirmasens, Worms and Zweibruecken.

CO of KSA is Lt Col Robert W. Muldrow. KSA provides services to dependent schools, housing areas, chapels, hobby shops, theaters, NCO and officer clubs, libraries and bowling centers. KSA also operates the Army Community Center at Vogelweh, 33 Special Services actvities as well as a laundry and furniture reupholstery and repair center.

The communities supported by KSA are Kaiserslautern, Landstuhl, Miesau and Einsiedlerhof.

Kaiserslautern's American Kindergraves

Memorial plaque at the American Kindergraves site, Kaiserslautern
(courtesy of the American Kindergraves-Kaiserslautern Facebook Page)

AFN Europe report on the American Kindergraves site in Kaiserslautern (YouTube video)
(If anyone knows of other such sites in Germany, please contact the webmaster)
From 1952 to 1971, 451 American infants who died at birth or shortly after birth at the American military hospital in Landstuhl or at nearby civilian hospitals, were buried in Kaiserslautern's main cemetery (known as the Waldfriedhof) adjacent to Daenner Kaserne.

Members of the Kaiserslautern German-American Women's Club maintained the graves early on.

In the 1980's, the Waldfriedhof cemetery management contacted the women's club and informed them that the initial lease was expiring and the remains of the American babies would be removed, in accordance with local custom, to make room for cemetery expansion. The women’s club was determined to save the children’s graves from extinction and appealed to the local Air Force base legal office for help, however they determined the military could not do anything. The club then appealed to the U.S. State Department. They, too, determined that they had no authority in the matter.

After the German authorities realized the steadfast position of the women’s club, cemetery management agreed to allow a private organization directly affiliated with the military to assume responsibility for the gravesites. The Ramstein Area Chief's Group (US Air Force E-9’s) assumed this role.

The cemetery management agreed to move the gravesites to a new area in the heart of the cemetery and drafted a new lease. The Ramstein Area Chief's Group now serves as the entrusted agent for the lease.
For more on this unique and heart-warming commitment by the American community in Kaiserslauern, check out the following webpages:

Facebook Page
: American Kindergraves-Kaiserslautern Community
Website: Kaiserslautern Kindergraves Memorial Foundation

There is at least one additional cemetery location in Germany with a special section for American children - the Frankfurt Amerikanisches Kinderfeld at the Frankfurt City Cemetery (Hauptfriedhof) (Facebook Page).

If you know of any other American Kindergrave sites in Germany, please contact the webmaster.

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