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Installation Maps

1. Lee Barracks, 1970s

2. Finthen Army Airfield, 1970s

3. McCully Bks, 1953

4. Mainz Ord Depot, 1951


Topographical map of Mainz and surrounding area. This map is reproduced from the "U.S. Military Installation Atlas" published by the 37th Transportation Group in 1980.

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Lee Bks

Former Lee Barracks, Mainz-Gonsenheim (Bing)

Mangin Kaserne, Mainz-Gonsenheim, 1954 (Walter Johnson)

1. Lee Barracks, prob early 1970s

2. Bldg 4 from the parade ground

3. Parade ground

4. Winter 1955

5. Snack Bar

6. 1st BG, 5th Inf sign

7. Lee Barracks, 1958

8. Side gate

Entrance to Mangin Kaserne, home of CC "B," 1952 (Webmaster's collection)

CC "B" review, Mangin Kaserne, 1952 (Webmaster's collection)

67th Medium Tank Bn troop area, Mangin Kaserne, 1952 (Webmaster's collection)
Dragoner Ksn
a.k.a. Dragooner Kaserne    

Aerial photo of former Dragooner (Dragoner) Kaserne, Mainz (BING)

I believe this is Bldg #6653 (René Kiefer, Germany)
(Can anyone help ID some of these buildings?)

Bldg #6659, part of the Transportation Motor Pool (René Kiefer, Germany)

1. Bldg #6656 Maintenance

2. Side view of bldg.

3. Back of Bldg #6656

4. A vehicle scale?

5. TMP wash rack?

6. Unknown building in center

7. Another unknown shed

8. Main entrance to TMP?

9. Fence separating TMP from MILCOM compound

10. Mainz TMP, early 1960s

11. Dragooner Ksn, 1966

12. MP Station, 1968

The former Army Bus Depot at Dragooner Kaserne, 1954

The former MP Station at Dragooner Kaserne (David Joseph Perrault)

The former MP Station at Dragooner Kaserne (David Joseph Perrault)

The former MP Station at Dragooner Kaserne (David Joseph Perrault)

13. Former MP barracks

14. Former MP barracks

15. Former MP barracks

Finthen Airfield

Former Finthen Army Airfield, Finthen (BING)

1. Finthen AAF, 1964

2. Aerial of Finthen AAF, 1965

3. Aerial of Finthen AAF, 1965

Azbill Bks

HQ 106th Trans Bn change of command ceremony, 1970 (John D'Asto)

78th Trans Co motor pool, Azbill Barracks, c. 1975 (Ek Paul Prengel)

Former Azbill Barracks, Rüsselsheim (Bing)

McCully Bks

A. Wackernheim

McCully Barracks, Wackernheim, 1953
Building use schedule, McCully Barracks, Wackernheim
(Looking for input on where post services & support activities, unit headquarters, billets, mess hall,
etc. were located, between 1951 - late 1990s - please contact webmaster)
McCully Barracks, early 1960s (John Rhodes)

Former McCully Barracks, Wackernheim (Bing)

USMCA Mainz (APO 09185) - Garrison History & Operations

MILCOM Headquarters Building, Dragoner Kaserne, Summer 1988 (James McDonnell)

US Army installations, housing & training areas in the Mainz area, 1985

(Source: Email from Flo Conner)
Great site and thanks for all the hard work! I can answer a few of the questions under the Mainz sections of Dragoner Kaserne.

The picture of Bldg 6653 is the back of the MILCOM's Headquarters and MP barracks. To the front left on the first floor was the BG's office suite (complete with bulletproof curtains and windows), middle square windows were bathrooms, and top floor was barracks. I was part of the PAO on second floor right side back, and my office was right below the barrack's bathroom, which made for interesting overheard conversations. I worked there in the mid-1980s.

A little further down is a picture of vehicle scales with a "?," and I believe those were part of vehicle inspection, with a metal doors covering a recessed area where the mechanic could inspect the underside of the car. 

The former Lee Barracks building is being developed into an upscale apartment complex - http://www.dolphin-capital.de/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/131114_NEWS_www.allgemeine-zeitung.de_region_mainz.pdf

There's a Facebook page for the Mainz MP Station and I'll post the link there if anyone wants to add any info.


GOOGLE Maps sat view of former Azbill Barracks - accessed Jan 2007 (John D'Asto)
Azbill Barracks, Rüsselsheim, returned to the Germans in May 1995 - is now being converted to a large German housing area - "Regenbogenpark"

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