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Installation Maps - late 1970s

1. Wiley Kaserne, 1977

2. Nelson Barracks, 1977

3. Neu Ulm Supply Center, 1978
Looking for installation maps and information on US Army kasernes in and around Ulm. If you have any, please contact the webmaster.

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Ulm Kasernes


A. Hindenburg Kaserne

B. Flandern Kaserne

C. Boelcke Kaserne
Ford Bks


Ford Bks, Ulm, early 1950s

Ford Bks, Ulm, probably early 1960s (Cekade postcard)

1. Section of Ford Barracks, 1958

2. Aerial view of Ford Barracks, 1960

3. Ford Barracks, 1950s

4. 2nd ARB, 51st Inf motor pool, Ford Barracks, 1950s

Ford Bks, Ulm, 1963 (William Black)

Ford Bks, Ulm, 1963 (William Black)

Ford Bks, Ulm, 1963 (William Black)

Ford Bks, Ulm, 1963 (William Black)

5. Ford Barracks

6. Ford Barracks

7. Ford Barracks

8. Ford Barracks

9. Ford Barracks

10. Ford Barracks

11. Ford Barracks

12. Ford Barracks

13. Ford Barracks

14. Ford Barracks
Flanders Ksn


1. Flandern Ksn, 1954

2. Flandern Ksn, 1954

3. Flandern Ksn, 1954

4. Flandern Ksn, 1954

5. Wilhelmsburg DP camp, 1954

6. M-48 passes Flandern

7. Rough morning commute

8. H-34 lands on field near kaserne

9. Two H-34's
Neu Ulm Kasernes

A. Rheinhart Kaserne
Nelson Bks


1. Aerial view of Nelson Barracks, 1960

2. Section of Nelson Barracks, 1958

3. Workshops, 1956

Main gate, Nelson Barracks, Neu Ulm, early 1960s (Ed Myers)

Motor pool area at Nelson Bks, Neu Ulm, early 1960s (Ed Myers)

Motor pool area at Nelson Bks, early 1960s (Ed Myers)

Entrance to PX & Snack Bar building in background, around 1960 (Ed Myers)

1. Area in front of A Co

2. A Company sign

3. Entrance to PX

4. PX building

5. Snack Bar

6. Company "A" shop area

7. Motor pool

Det 0300 sig in front of headquarters building (Darrell Brown)

Traning held at Nelson Barracks, mid-1960s (Darrell Brown)

Det 0300 airmen return from a field problem (Darrell Brown)

8. Air Force barracks

9. Service club?

Bldgs 300 (left) and 304, Nelson Barracks, Neu Ulm, ca. 1976 (Kevin McConathy)

Nelson Theater, Neu Ulm, ca. 1976 (Kevin McConathy)

10. 579th Ord sign

11. 579th maint area
Wiley Bks


Main gate, Old Wiley Barracks, Neu Ulm, early 1950s (Chuck Charnquist)

Parade ground, Old Wiley Barracks, Neu Ulm, early 1950s (Chuck Charnquist)

Mess hall, Old Wiley Barracks, Thanksgiving Day 1956 (Chuck Charnquist)

Bldg #203, Old Wiley Barracks, Neu Ulm, around 1967 (Dennis Pollard)

1. Aerial of Wiley Bks, early 1980s

2. Aerial view of section of Wiley Kaserne, 1960

3. 4th Armd Div NCO Academy, Wiley Ksn 1958

4. Wiley Bks, 1956

5. Wiley Bks, 1956

6. Wiley Bks, 1956

7. Wiley Bks, 1956

. Mess Hall, Wiley Bks, 1971

9. Aerial of Wiley Bks, 1972

10. 1/81st FA Motor Pool, Wiley Bks, 1972

11. 1/81st FA missiles, Wiley Bks, 1972

12. Bldg #202

13. On the chow line

14. Parade ground

15. Barracks buildings

16. Motor pool, 1967

15. Motor pool, 1967
Neu Ulm Misc.

Donau Casino Officers Club, 1952 (Webmaster's collection) (GOOGLE)
Vorfeld Housing

Former Vorfeld housing area and US Army kasernes, Neu Ulm (BING)

Vorfeld housing units under construction, 1952 (Webmaster's collection)

Senior Officers Quarters, Vorfeld, around 1963 (Darrell Brown)

1. Vorfeld Housing

2. Vorfeld Housing

3. Vorfeld Housing

4. Bldg 365, Vorfeld Housing

5. Baseball field

6. Vorfeld Housing

7. Vorfeld Housing
Fliegerhorst Ksn

Aerial of Fliegerhorst Kaserne, Leipheim

Fliegerhorst Kaserne, Leipheim (Dale Rohde)

American Dependent Housing, Leipheim (Dale Rohde)

Cover of demonstration program at Leipheim, 1954
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1. Aerial of Fliegerhorst Ksn, 1958

2. Aerial of Dependent Housing, 1958

3. Fliegerhorst Ksn, 1955

4. Barracks, 1955

5. Close up of barracks

Hangar on airstrip at Fliegerhorst Kaserne, Leipheim (Webmaster's collection)

L-19 of the Aviation Section, 28th Inf Div, at Leipheim (Webmaster's collection)

USMCA Neu Ulm (APO 09035) - Garrison History & Operations

(Click on image to transfer to the USGarrison.de website)
Webmaster note: Joachim Lenk, a German journalist and author, has written a book on the US Army Garrison Ulm/Neu Ulm that includes the air base at Leipheim, the Schweighofen Airfield, the local training areas and the ammo dump at Merklingen. I have not had a chance to review the book yet, but will provide some feedback as soon as I have a copy.

In the meantime, you can review Joachim's website at USGarrison.com (link).

List of US Army installations in the Neu Ulm Military Community, 1980s


Source: 4th Armored Division Orientation Booklets, 1960?
WWII During the war the installation located on the northern edge of the city of Ulm was called Hindenburg Kaserne and housed an observation and reconnaissance battalion of the German Wehrmacht's 5th Infantry Division.
post-WWII The installation was renamed Ford Barracks in honor of Major James C. Ford of the 110th Inf Regt, 28th Inf Div. Major Ford was awarded the Silver Star (Oak Leaf Cluster) during WWII.
Late 1950s 2nd Armd Rifle Bn, 51st Inf, a unit of the 4th Armd Div, was stationed at Ford Barracks.
WWII During the war the installation located in Neu Ulm was called Ludendorff Kaserne and housed the headquarters of the 5th Artillery Regiment (German Wehrmacht) and one of its battalions.

Within the post there is an historic fortress that was build in 1879 as part of the defensive system around Ulm.
post-WWII The installation was renamed Wiley Kaserne in honor of Capt Robert C. Wiley of the 110th Inf Regt, 28th Inf Div. Major Ford was awarded posthumously the Distinguished Service Cross for extraordinary heroism during WWII.

The post is divided into two parts, New Wiley and Old Wiley.
Late 1950s Wiley Ksn serves as home for Combat Command "A" and the NCO Academy of the 4th Armd Div
WWII During the war the installation located in Neu Ulm (within walking distance of Wiley) was called Rheinhart Kaserne and housed the elements of the 5th Artillery Regiment (German Wehrmacht).
post-WWII The installation was renamed Nelson Barracks in honor of Sgt William L. Nelson of the 60th Inf Regt, 9th Inf Div. Sgt Nelson was awarded the Medal of Honor during WWII.
Late 1950s Nelson Bks housed 4th Armd Div elements in support of Combat Command "A".

Post Fire Stations - Ulm / Neu Ulm

Fire engines of the Neu Ulm Fire Station, 1950s (Benno Knorr)
Can anyone provide any information on the fire station at Neu Ulm (probably Nelson Barracks) and, if there was one, at Ulm? (Contact webmaster)

1. Members of the Neu Ulm Fire Station

2. Neu Ulm Fire Station

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