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Installation Maps

1. Lindsey Air Station, early 1960s

2. Lindsey Air Station, 1970s

3. Wiesbaden Air Base, 1970s

4. Kastel Air Station, 1970s

5. Camp Pieri

6. Hindenburg Kaserne

7. Schierstein Compound

8. Rhein Kaserne

1946 or 1947

Map of the Wiesbaden & Vicinity. This map was probably prepared by Special Services, HQ USAFE.

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Wiesbaden & Vicinity (KB)
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download. Click on the area of interest for a larger view


Map of facilities in the Wiesbaden Area Command area. The map was prepared and published by the 497th Recon Tech Sq in June 1957.

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Wiesbaden Area Command
and Facilities (394 KB)

Early 1960s

Maps of facilities in the Wiesbaden area. These maps were prepared and published by the 2063rd Comm Sq.

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Wiesbaden Facilities #1 (230 KB)

Wiesbaden Facilities #2 (478 KB)


Topographical map of Wiesbaden and surrounding area. This map is reproduced from the "U.S. Military Installation Atlas" published by the 37th Transportation Group in 1980.

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Wiesbaden (537 KB)


NOTE: I plan to post extracts from the "Troop Units" section of the telephone directories sometime in the near future - if I see that there is any interest.

1. Telephone Directory Wiesbaden Area, 1 Dec 1945

2. Telephone Directory Wiesbaden Area, 15 Jan 1947

3. Telephone Directory Wiesbaden Area, 1 May 1949

NOTE: I plan to post extracts from the command, unit and community newspapers sometime in the near future - if I see that there is any interest.
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Wiesbaden Post - Some of the issues published while in Germany

1. Wiesbaden Post, June 27 1947

2. Wiesbaden Post, Oct 9 1953

3. Wiesbaden Post, May 20 1955

4. Wiesbaden Post, Sept 26 1958

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Wiesbaden Kasernes      

A. Freudenberg Kaserne

B. Hindenburg Kaserne
Wiesbaden Air Base

Wiesbaden Air Base, recent (Mike Smith)

1. Wiesbaden Air Base, 1949

2. Wiesbaden Air Base, 1949
3. Wiesbaden Air Base, 1950  

4. Wiesbaden AB, prob 1950

5. Wiesbaden AB, prob 1950

6. Wiesbaden AB, 2006
Camp Pieri

HQ European Air Transport Service, Camp Taylor, Dotzheim, 1946 (Walter Elkins)

Dining facility at Camp Taylor, Dotzheim, 1946 (Walter Elkins)

1. Camp Pieri, 1950
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2. 1st Con Bde, Camp Pieri, 1950

3. Camp Pieri main gate, early 1950s

4. Camp Pieri, 1952

5. Camp Taylor, 1946

Lindsey Air Station

Main gate, Camp Lindsey, Wiesbaden, late 1940s (J.T. Dunn)

Softball game at Lindsey, late 1940s (J.T. Dunn)

Wiesbaden Misc.

Eagle Club, downton Wiesbaden (J.T. Dunn)

Wiesbaden Football Stadium on Frankfurter Strasse (J.T. Dunn)

The Opelbad swimming pool with its fantastic view of Wiesbaden and surroundings

Palast Hotel, 1948 (Walter Elkins)

1. Wiesbaden, 1946

2. Wiesbaden Hauptbahnhof area

3. ARC Eagle Club, 1946

4. Von Steuben Hotel, early 1950s
5. American Arms Hotel, prob 1950s
6. Wiebaden M/P shuttle buses  

Air Force Commissary at the Opelhaus, Wiesbaden (Webmaster's collection)

EES Automotice Service Center at the Opelhaus, Wiesbaden, 1950s (Webmaster's collection)

Sugar Bowl Snack Bar & PX, Wiesbaden, 1946 (Webmaster's collection)

Downtown PX, 43-45 Kirchgasse, Wiesbaden, 1951 (Webmaster's collection)

Downtown PX, 43-45 Kirchgasse, Wiesbaden, early 1950s (Webmaster's collection)

Hainerberg Shopping Center in Wiesbaden, late 1950s (Webmaster's collection)
HQ USAFE Compound

HQ European Air Transport Service, Camp Taylor, Dotzheim, 1946 (Walter Elkins)

1. 12th Army Gp HQ, end of WWII

2. USAFE Headquarters, post WWII

1. Kastel Apartments, Mainz-Kastel, around 1950

USMCA Wiesbaden / 221st BSB (APO 09457) - Histories, Misc. Information

(Source: Wiesbaden Post, April 18, 1947)
European Air Transport Service

From a one-telephone setup in September, 1945, to the present day, the European Air Transport Service, with an operational air-field at Eschborn and headquarters at nearby Camp Taylor, has grown to cover 4,047 air miles on 90 regularly scheduled flights per week.

Brig General Lucas V. Beau, EATS Commanding General, has guided this organization since its beginning on September 4, 1945. Organized at the height of redeployment, EATS originally was composed of left-over wartime troop carrier squadrons, glider and fighter pilots, B-17 crewmen and other available personnel.
In its conversion to a more peaceful appearance EATS planes shed their wartime camouflage as C-47's were made into shiny aircraft with "European Air Service" neatly lettered in blue against their silver background. Comfortable plush seats have been installed in place of the hard bucket seats of wartime as the final note of an era had been sounded.

EATS flights are operated to and from Frankfurt to connect London, Munich, Bremen, Vienna and Berlin. From Berlin an EATS plane makes a weekly flight to Warsaw, Poland. Flights originate from Vienna for Bucharest, Belgrade, Sofia and Budapest. In the Mediterranean area EATS flights connect Udine, Pisa, Rome and Naples. There are no inter-theater flights between the Mediterranean and European Theaters.
In addition to regular flights which service the Army of Occupation, EATS also operates special flights such as providing transportation for diplomatic officials, evacuating sick or wounded, performing mercy flights, aiding the Graves Registration Command in returning the remains of American soldiers and rushing supplies to needy areas.

At present, for example, EATS is conducting a courier service for the benefit of American delegates to the Foreign Minister's Conference in Moscow. Supplies necessary for the Conference also traveled via EATS. Several weeks ago 54 tons of Red Cross supplies for relief of English flood victims were flown by EATS to Bovington Field near London from Frankfurt.
Until the civilian airlines develop sufficiently to connect the capitals of Europe, EATS fills the breach carrying revenue traffic -- not on a competing basis but as an interim service. (Enlisted personnel on Leave are accomodated by free flights whenever room can be spared in an EATS plane.)

Through the operation of their flights at EATS, the 5th Weather Group and 902nd Engineer Groups are to be credited with the supply of necessary weather flying conditions and Route-facility maps that have contributed greatly to the perfect safety record of EATS.
Not only does EATS provide transportation but it also maintains one troop carrier group and an air service group completely trained for tactical operation. A third mission maintains tactical efficiency of their troops.

Schools for the maintenance of efficient personnel are operated at EATS. The largest Airline College for training first pilots on C-47's is located at Munich.

This is Dirk Schulz, the historian and Air Traffic Controller at Wiesbaden Erbenheim Air Base.

I have been asked to write a book on this very interesting base. It was a horse racing field in 1910 than an airfield till 1936 when the Luftwaffe took it over. Then 1945 liberated by the US and becoming the HQ for the US Air force till 76 then again Army with the 4th Inf Div and the in the 80ies again an Airfield and today Clay Casern with Wiesbaden Army Airfield.

I wonder if you could place a request for pics and eyewitness on this site? Many Vets are going thru this site and I could get in contact with them.

Not much of the US Air Force being here is found in pictures more written stuff. Many things happened in the 50's, aircraft being stolen by homesick personnel and the Kennedy & Carter visits and many more being here.

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