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Installation Maps - early 1980s

1. Ledward Barracks, Jan 1974 (123 KB)

2. Conn Barracks, late 1970s (KB)



Topographical maps of Schweinfurt and surrounding area. These maps are reproduced from the "U.S. Military Installation Atlas" published by the 37th Transportation Group in 1980.

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Schweinfurt Topo (180 KB)

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Schweinfurt Kasernes


A. AH Kaserne, Schweinfurt

Conn Barracks


Conn Barracks and Airfield, recent (Mike Smith)

Aerial view of Conn Barracks, early 1950s

Street on Conn Bks, 1960

2. Another view of the same street looking the other way on Conn Bks


Ledward Barracks


1. Aerial view of Ledward Barracks, early 1950s

2. Ledward Barracks, 1951

3. Another view of Ledward Barracks, 1951

4. Jeeps from Company C, 793rd MP Bn parked in front of MP Station, 1951

5. 2nd Bn, 22nd Regt Sign on Ledward, 1951

6. Several 2nd Bn signs on Ledward Barracks, 1951

7. Members of 2nd Bn stand next to jeep in front of Bldg 209, 1951

Schweinfurt Commissary, 1947
Daley Barracks

A. Manteuffel Kaserne

Daley Barracks, Bad Kissingen, 1960s (postcard)
(larger format - annotated photo)

Nice video tour of Daley Barracks from 1990 (douglaswbrendel - YouTube)

1. Daley Barracks, 1954

2. 2nd Bn Hqs Building, 1954

3. Main gate, Daley Bks, 1954

4. Daley Bks after a light snow fall, 1980s
5. Former 2-41 FA dining hall after release to German government 6. Bad Kissingen aerial, prob. 1970s
7. Christmas tree lighting ceremony

8. Christmas tree lighting ceremony
9. Flag at half mast
10. Bad Kissingen Elementary

11. 6th Grade, 1976

Manteufel Kaserne, Bad Kissingen, 1945

Manteufel Kaserne, Bad Kissingen, 1945

12. Airstrip 1945

13. Airstrip 1945
Camp Clarke

A. Lager Hammelburg (35 KB)

B. Lager Hammelburg (45 KB)

C. Lager Hammelburg (46 KB)

D. Nordlager Hammelburg (63 KB)

Headquarters Building, 322nd Heavy Tank Bn, early 1950s (George Daigneault)

PX and Service Club building, Camp Hammelburg, early 1950s (George Daigneault)

Barracks building, Camp Hammelburg, early 1950s (George Daigneault)

1. Camp Clarke Main Gate, 1954

2. Camp Clarke PX and Service Club, 1954

3. Post Chapel, Camp Clarke, 1954

4. Hqs Building, 322nd Tk Bn, Clarke

5. Hq & Sv Co, 322nd Tk Bn in front of barracks building

6. Tailor Shop

7. Track park
Camp Lee / Wollbach

Camp Lee, near Wollbach (eaglehorse.org)
(Camp Wollbach was renamed Camp Lee in 1976)

Open House at Camp Lee, 1987 (eaglehorse.org)

Entrance to Camp Wollbach, early 1970s (Rick Beecherl)

NOTE: I plan to post extracts from the "Troop Units" section of the telephone directories sometime in the near future - if I see that there is any interest.

1. Schweinfurt Military Community Telephone Directory, 15 Jan 1947

USMCA Schweinfurt (APO 09033) - Garrison History & Operations

Nostalgic reminiscenses by Americans and Germans on the former
US military presence in Schweinfurt (YouTube)


Orientation Issue, Crusader (Schweinfurt MILCOM)
, January 8 1982
Conn Barracks    
March 1936 - September 1937 Construction of the Flugplatz. After completion, the airbase became a Luftwaffe training base, particularly for Stuka pilots.
1941 - 1945 During WWII, the airbase serves as a bomber base.
April 11, 1945 After heavy bombings and artillery fire, troops of the 42nd Infantry Division, Seventh US Army, enters Schweinfurt from the West and Southwest and seizes the Flugplatz.
April 1945 The airbase is occupied by Army Air Corps units and used as an airbase. The installation is renamed Schweinfurt Air Base.
1947 The airbase is occupied by the 6th Constabulary Regiment and the 28th Constabulary Squadron.
December 22, 1947 Schweinfurt Air Base is redesignated as Conn Barracks, in honor of 2nd Lt Orville B. Conn, Jr., a member of the 6th Cav Gp, who was killed in France during WWII.
1948 Conn Barracks is officially taken over by the US Army.
Ledward Barracks
1935 - 1936 Construction of Panzer Kaserne. After completion, the kaserne houses various Wehrmacht units, including Panzer regiments, artillery and Panzergrenadier units.
1944 A large portion of the kaserne is destroyed during Allied bombings of Schweinfurt.
After April 1945 Panzer Kaserne is used as a refugee resettlement center for refugees from Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Yugoslavia.
October 19, 1946 Panzer Kaserne is redesignated Ledward Barracks, in honor of Col Ledward who was killed in action in Italy in 1944.
1948 Ledward Barracks is taken over by the US Army. Units of the 1st Infantry Division are located at Ledward until May 1955.
May 1955 The 86th Infantry Regiment, 10th Infantry Division, arrives from the States as part of the first Operation GYROSCOPE move and is stationed at Ledward.
July 1957 Under an Army-wide reorganization (Pentomic), the 86th Inf Regt is reorganized and redesignated as the 2nd Battle Group (BG), 7th Infantry and the 2nd BG, 10th Inf.
March 1958 Under Operation GYROSCOPE, the 1st BG, 30th Inf and 2nd BG, 38th Inf - both part of the 3rd Infantry Division - arrive in Schweinfurt to replace the 10th Inf Div units.
Daley Barracks
August 1936 - May 1937 Construction of the "Baron von Manteuffel" Kaserne.
WWII Bad Kissingen is declared an "open city" and escaped Allied bombing. With all of its sanatoriums, hotels and nursing homes, the city serves as a rest center for sick and injured German soldiers.
April 7, 1945 Third US Army troops enter the city without a fight.
November 1, 1945 XII Tactical Air Command moves to Bad Kissingen (from Erlangen) and consoldiates with the 9th Air Force..
Early 1948 The Air Force leaves Bad Kissingen.
1948 - 1950 Manteuffel Kaserne serves as headquarters of the International Refugee Organization (IRO) for Europe.
1949 Additional 30 acres of land are requisitioned and added to the Kaserne. The PX, Commissary, EM Club, Gym, Bowling Alley were constructed on part of this addition. Another section was used for an ammunition storage area.
1951 Manteuffel Kaserne is completely renovated and reoccupied by the US Army.
1952 Another 23 acreas are added to the kaserne. The additonal land was used for construction of dependent housing.
February 17, 1953 Persuant to GO #1, Hqs USAREUR, Manteuffel Kaserne was redesignated as Daley Barracks in honor of Technician Fifth Grade William T. Daley, HHB, 94th Rcn Sq (Mecz), who was awarded posthumously the Distinguished Service Cross for extraordinary heroism during WWII.

Bad Kissingen

On June 6, 1945 HQ Ninth AF moved from Chantilly, France to Bad Kissingen, Germany.
Ninth Air Force Telephone Directory.

Issue Date: 1 September 1945

Ninth Air Force Patch

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