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10th Infantry Division
Mountain Division

Looking for more information from military/civilian personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S. Army in Germany from 1945 to 1989. If you have any stories or thoughts on the subject, please contact me.

Division History


13th Anniversary

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Inf Regts
Div Arty

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10th QM Co
10th Repl Co
10th Med Bn
710th Ord Bn

Reunion 2004

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Division History

Big Picture Report #15: 10th Inf Div unfurls flag at Wuerzburg, 1955 (starts at 0:55 - YouTube)
  10th MP Company personnel replace the 1st Inf Div insignia with that of the 10th on the Emery Barracks sign, 1955. Emery Barracks in Wuerzburg was the home station for Hq 10th Inf Div and several other 10th Division units.

A scene from the Big Picture Report #15 (see above)

Division Organization

Location of 10th Inf Div units and stations, 1956 (Walter Elkins)
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(Source: The 10th Division News, August 10, 1956)
Hq/Hq Co, 10th Inf Div Emery Bks Würzburg
10th QM Co Hindenburg Ksn Würzburg
710th Ord Bn Flak Ksn Kitzingen
10th MP Co Emery Bks Würzburg
10th Repl Co Emery Bks Würzburg
10th Sig Co Hindenburg Ksn Würzburg
85th Inf Regt Warner Bks Bamberg arrived in Nov 1955
86th Inf Regt Ledward Bks Schweinfurt
87th Inf Regt Smith Bks Aschaffenburg regimental units spread out over several posts
Hq/Hq Btry, 10th Div Arty Leighton Bks Würzburg
25th FA Bn Warner Bks Bamberg supports the 85th Inf Regt
35th FA Bn Conn Bks Schweinfurt supports the 86th Inf Regt
40th FA Bn Ready Bks Aschaffenburg supports the 87th Inf Regt
85th FA Bn Flak Ksn Kitzingen 155mm howitzers; general support
43rd AAA Bn Ferris Bks Erlangen
62nd Tank Bn Harvey Bks Kitzingen
10th Recon Co Harvey Bks Kitzingen
41st Engr Cbt Bn Flak Ksn Kitzingen
10rd Med Bn Flak Ksn Kitzingen
49th Trans Bn Leighton Bks Würzburg attached to 10th Div
42nd Inf Scout Dog Pltn Warner Bks Bamberg attached to 10th Div

Division Artillery, 1957

85th Inf Regt
Pocket Patch

86th Inf Regt
Pocket Patch

87th Inf Regt
Pocket Patch

10th DivArty
Pocket Patch

25th FA Bn
Pocket Patch

35th FA Bn
Pocket Patch

40th FA Bn
Pocket Patch

85th FA Bn
Pocket Patch

43rd AAA Bn
Pocket Patch

10th DivArty Air Sec
Pocket Patch

Division Newspapers

The 10th Division News, August 10, 1956 - PDF (10 MB)
Click on image to view the entire issue in a separate window

1957 Yearbook
(Source: The 10th Infantry Division 1957)
In the near future I will post some of the photos that appeared in the 1957 Yearbook of the 10th Infantry Division.

10th ID Kasernes


1. Aerial view of DivArty airfield near Würzburg, 1957

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