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1st Infantry Division
Big Red One

Looking for more information from military/civilian personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S. Army in Germany from 1945 to 1989. If you have any stories or thoughts on the subject, please contact me.

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Div Trains

122nd Trans Bn

701st Ord Co

122nd Transportation Truck Battlion

122nd Trans Trk Bn, 1951 (The American Traveler)


HHD, 122nd Trans Trk Bn Merrell Bks, Nürnberg  
24th Trans Trk Co Nürnberg  
58th Trans Trk Co Bamberg  
59th Trans Trk Co Nürnberg  
63rd Trans Trk Co Nürnberg  
544th Trans Trk Co Hammelburg  
590th Trans Trk Co Hammelburg  

701st Ordnance Company
(Source: STARS & STRIPES, Nov 9, 1952)
The 701st Ord Co is located at Würzburg and commanded by Maj Homer D. Smith, Jr.

The company's mission is to issue and maintain all types of ordnance equipment, including vehicles, tanks, artillery, small arms and fire control instruments.

Supplying the division's needs for spare parts is the responsibility of the Supply Platoon. In order to carry out its supply function in the field, the platoon takes with it 20 trucks and trailers that it uses as mobile warehouses. Each truck houses certain spare parts so when a requisition is made to the platoon, it can find the part quickly.

The company's two maintenance platoons only handle third echelon maintenance.

For a 1st Inf Div unit to have a vehicle repaired, it must send the damaged vehicle to the 701st and submit a job order to the 701st shop office. The requisition form must state as nearly as possible the amount of work involved to repair the vehicle.

The next step is a complete technical inspection on the vehicle to determine if the 701st has the parts and facilities available for the repairs. If the 701st does not have the parts, the vehicle will be held by the company while the supply platoon requisiitons the parts. If the parts are available or once the requisitioned parts are received, the vehicle is moved into the automotive shop where technical workers take over.

After the repair work is completed, the vehicle is sent to the Service and Recovery section, if necessary. This is were carpenters, painters, and battery repairmen do their job.

After the vehicle is back in serviceable condition, it is picked up by the user unit.


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