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24th Infantry Division
Victory Division

Looking for more information from military/civilian personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S. Army in Germany from 1945 to 1989. If you have any stories or thoughts on the subject, please contact me.

Division History

(Augsburg, Nov 1959)

Organization Day Editions

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24th Inf Div (Fwd)

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Division History

24th Infantry Division, 1958 - 1970 (YouTube)

Main gate, Gablingen Kaserne, 1960

Rear gate, Gablingen Kaserne, 1960
24th Infantry Division Airborne patch (1958?)
The 11th Airborne Division is being inactivated while the 24th Infantry Division is being reconstituted in Germany.

The move, effective July 1, is designed to retain a balanced divisional structure consistent with the Army's overall size during FY 1959.

The 24th Infantry Division will be a
composite division of three infantry and two airborne battle groups, to make it similar in size to the new pentomic Infantry divisions.

(Source: Various issues of the STARS & STRIPES, 1958; USAREUR Annual History, 1 July 1958 - 30 June 1959; ARMY LINEAGE SERIES, Infantry Vol. 1; STATION LIST June 1958)
24th Infantry Division - a 'Composite Division' until it Wasn't

On the morning of July 1, 1958, a formation of soldiers representing all of the 11th Airborne Division units stood on the parade ground of Flak Kaserne, Augsburg. The occasion was the retiring of the 11th Abn Div colors and the activation of the 24th Infantry Division.

At the order "change patches," the men ripped the old 11th Abn Div insignia from their left shoulders to reveal the patch of the Victory Division.

Maj Gen Ralph C. Cooper, commanding general of the 11th Airborne Division presided over the ceremony during which he subsequently assumed the command of the 24th Inf Div.

With the new division's activation, the 24th became the first "composite" division in the US Army. The division's infantry component included three infantry battle groups and two airborne battle groups:
1st BG, 19th Inf, Gablingen Kaserne, Augsburg (activated July 1, 1958)
1st BG, 21st Inf, Munich (activated July 1, 1958)
1st BG, 34th Inf, Munich (activated July 1, 1958)
1st Abn BG, 187th Inf, Gablingen Kaserne, Augsburg (retained from the inactivated 11th Abn Div)
1st Abn BG, 503rd Inf, Warner Barracks?, Munich (retained from the inactivated 11th Abn Div)

One of the missions of the newly formed 24th was to support
Army Task Force 201 by providing the airborne elements of ATF 201: two airborne battle groups, a composite artillery battalion and a quartermaster parachute (& maintenance) company.

During the Lebabon Crisis in the latter part of 1958 when part of ATF 201 was deployed to the Middle East, plans were prepared to shift the task force to the 8th Infantry Division which was earmarked as the reserve division.

As a result, the 8th Inf Div, Bad Kreuznach, was reorganized as a composite division on December 1, 1958 and assumed the airborne support of ATF 201.

The Gyroscope movement plans already made in early 1958 for two airborne battle groups of the 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, N.C., to be sent to Germany in late 1958 to replace the two Abn BG's of the 24th Inf Div were changed to send the units directly to the 8th Inf Div:
1st Abn BG, 505th Inf (left Ft. Bragg in December for Mainz, Germany)
1st Abn BG, 504th Inf (left Ft. Bragg in January 1959, also for Mainz)

Concurrent with the arrival of the two Ft. Bragg units, the two 24th Division airborne units returned to the States and were subsequently replaced by two infantry battle groups:
2nd BG, 2nd Inf (left Ft. Riley, Kan. in December for Augsburg, Germany)
2nd BG, 28th Inf (left Ft. Riley in January 1959, also for Munich, Germany)

On February 5 1959, the 24th Infantry Division was reorganized as a standard (pentomic) infantry division.

Farewell parade for MG Ralph C. Cooper at Sheridan Kaserne, September 1959
(Source: STATION LIST, June 1959)
24th Infantry Division - ORGANIZATION 1959:

(Webmaster Note: Station location is based on information obtained from the US Army Station List for June 1959. If a unit was originally located at a different post in 1958, I will note it separately.)
  Headquarters Company Flak Ksn, Augsburg
  2nd BG, 2nd Infantry Gablingen
  1st BG, 19th Infantry Augsburg
  1st BG, 21st Infantry Munich
  2nd BG, 28th Infantry Munich
  1st BG, 34th Infantry Augsburg
  HHB, 24th Infantry Artillery Munich
  1st FA Bn (RKT/HOW), 34th Arty Munich
  1st How Bn, 13th Arty Augsburg
  3rd Engineer Battalion Henry Ksn, Munich
  24th Signal Bnttalion Gablingen
  2nd Rcn Sq, 9th Cavalry Augsburg
  3rd Med Tk Bn, 34th Armor Munich
  Hqs, 24th Inf Div Trains and Band Augsburg
  24th Medical Battalion Augsburg
  31st Transportation Battalion Munich
  396th Trans Co (Lt Trk) Augsburg
  518th Trans Co (Lt Trk) Augsburg
  533rd Trans Co (Lt Trk) Augsburg
  596th Trans Co (Lt Trk) Augsburg
  24th Administration Company Augsburg
  24th Aviation Company Augsburg
  724th Ordnance Battalion Augsburg
  24th QM Company Augsburg

(Source: The Victory Division 1941-1962, Special publication for Organization Day 1 Oct 1962)
Historical summary - 1958/1961

Click on thumbnail to read history

(Source: Thanksgiving Day Menu, Flak Kaserne Mess , Augsburg, Germany, 26 Nov 1959)


24th Infantry Division Units at Flak Ksn, Augsburg in 1959:
HQ, 24th Inf Div - 1
HQ & HQ Company, 24th Inf Div - 1 2 3 4
24th Signal Battalion - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
24th Adminstration Company - 1 2 3
24th Inf Div Band - 1

(Source: Email from John Slattery)
I was with the 24th Infantry Div during 1960 and 1961. At the time, I had responsibility for officers payroll. Later went on to become fixed wing pilot in reserves. 

Gablingen Ksn

1. Static display at Gablingen

2. Airfield tower

3. Covered storage for tracked vehicles

4. Open house display

5. Jeep-mounted MGM-21A missiles


(Source: Email from Gary Clark)
I found your site about the 24th Div, and didn't find my first unit. When I first arrived in Augsburg in early 1961 I was assigned to Co 'D', 2nd BG, 2nd Inf at Gablingen Ksn.

In 1962, 2nd BG, 2nd Inf became the 2nd BG, 19th Inf. Later the 2nd BG, 19th Inf became the 2nd Bn, 19th Inf and Co 'D' was disbanded. I was transferred to the 24th MP Co at that time.

I have attached a MP pic to go with the Airborne that you show.
24th MP Company Brassard

(Source: The Victory Division 1941-1962, Special publication for Organization Day 1 Oct 1962)
Historical summary - 1962

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MG B. F. Taylor
CG 24th Inf Div
BG William C. Garrison
Div Arty Cdr
Col Gordon T. Kimbrell
Asst Div Cdr
Col Patrick D. Mulcahy
Chief of Staff

1963 (ROAD)
24th Infantry Division - ORGANIZATION 1963

(Webmaster Note: Station location is based on information obtained from the US Army Station List for December 1963.)
  Hq/Hqs Company Flak Ksn, Augsburg
  3rd Engineer Battalion Henry Ksn, Munich HHC, B, C, & D Cos
  A Company Flak Ksn, Augsburg  
  E Company Gablingen Ksn, Augsburg  
  24th MP Company Flak Ksn, Augsburg
  24th MI Det (Div) (attached) Reese Bks, Augsburg 7th Army asset
  24th Signal Bn Flak Ksn, Augsburg HHC, A & B Co
  24th Aviation Battalion Gablingen Ksn, Augsburg  
  1st Bde, 24th Inf Div Reese Bks, Augsburg
  2nd Bde, 24th Inf Div Sheridan Ksn, Augsburg
  3rd Bde, 24th Inf Div Warner Ksn, Munich
  1st Mech Bn, 19th Infantry Reese Bks, Augsburg
  2nd Mech Bn, 19th Infantry Gablingen Ksn, Augsburg
  3rd Mech Bn, 19th Infantry Henry Ksn, Munich
  1st Mech Bn, 21st Infantry Warner Ksn, Munich
  2nd Mech Bn, 21st Infantry Warner Ksn, Munich
  1st Mech Bn, 34th Infantry Sheridan Ksn, Augsburg
  2nd Mech Bn, 34th Infantry Sheridan Ksn, Augsburg
  5th Bn, 32nd Armor Will Ksn, Munich
  1st Bn, 70th Armor Gablingen Ksn, Augsburg
  2nd Bn, 70th Armor Sheridan Ksn, Augsburg
  3rd Bn, 70th Armor Henry Ksn, Munich
  2nd Sq, 9th Cavalry Warner Ksn, Munich
  D Troop Schleissheim AAF
  HHB, 24th Inf Div Artillery Will Ksn, Munich
  2nd Bn, 7th FA Sheridan Ksn, Augsburg
  3rd Bn, 11th FA Will Ksn, Munich
  1st Bn, 13th FA Sheridan Ksn, Augsburg
  1st Bn, 34th FA Will Ksn, Munich
  1st Bn, 35th FA Henry Ksn, Munich
  Hqs, 24th Inf Div Spt Comd & Band Sheridan Ksn, Augsburg
  24th Medical Battalion Infantry Bks, Augsburg HHC, A, B and C Cos
  24th Sup & Trans Battalion Sheridan Ksn, Augsburg HHC, A and B Cos
  596th Trans Co (Lt Trk) Warner Ksn, Munich
  724th Maint Battalion Reese Bks, Augsburg HHC, A & C Co
  B Company Gablingen Ksn, Augsburg (1)
  D Company Sheridan Ksn, Augsburg (1)
  E Company Henry Ksn, Munich  
  24th AG Admin Company Sheridan Ksn, Augsburg

(1) (Source: Email from Maurice Evans)
D Company was at Sheridan Kaserne and B Company was at Gablingen. They seemed to be in error on the 1963 chart. (Webmaster note: Table has been modified to reflect this information.) I worked at both places in 1966.


Location of 24th Mech Inf Div units and stations, 1964 (Walter Elkins)
Click on the graphic to view a higher res version of the map
If you have additional information/corrections, contact the webmaster - see email link at top of page

Location of 24th Mechanized Infantry Division units, Aug 1964
The list was created by Walter Elkins and is based on units and locations listed in the August 1964 Seventh Army STATION LIST. For corrections, please contact the webmaster.

(Source: Walter Elkins)

Location of 24th Mechanized Infantry Division units, June 1968

(2) (Source: Email from Maurice Evans)
Company E 724th Maint Bn was relocated to Sheridan Kaserne in June of 1968. (Webmaster note: Location list above has been modified to reflect this information.) I was part of that move under Capt Carey and later under Capt Wood. The dual based chart (above kind of left us out. Also C company in Munich was dissolved
The list was created by Walter Elkins and is based on units and locations listed in the June 1968 STATION LIST. For corrections, please contact the webmaster.

Organization Day Editions of 24th Infantry Division TARO LEAF
(Source: Victory! 24th Infantry Division Organization Day 1961, special edition)

(Source: Victory! 24th Infantry Division Organization Day 1962, special edition)

(Source: Victory! 24th Infantry Division Organization Day 1965, special edition)

24th Aviation Company

24th Military Police Company
(Source: Email from Richard Burch)
During late 1957, there was a realignment of military units in the Far East. The 24th Infantry Division was reassigned from Korea to Germany to replace the 11th Airborne Division.

The 24th Infantry Division upon arrival in Germany was assigned an additional mission, that of also fielding airborne units for about two years.

The 24th Infantry Division was headquartered at Warner Kaserne with the Division Headquarters Company and 24th Military Police Company. Other Division units were located in Will Kaserne and Henry Kaserne, located in North Munich, not far from Warner Kaserne. (Webmaster note: division headquarters, including the MP detachment, was located in Augsburg, not Munich.)

The 24th MP Company supported the Division Provost Marshal by providing a law enforcement mission as well as training for the role of a Division combat MP Company. The company's war mission was evacuating and guarding EPWs/CIs from division to corps; providing law-enforcement assistance in the division's area of operation (AO) providing convoy security; LOC security; AS; R&S; L&O; and other missions as assigned by the Division PM.

Other missions may include augmentation for security of the division main CP, ASP's and other critical facilities.

The 24th MP Company provided a MP Station and MP Patrols on post and gate guard security for the Division installation.

The 24th Infantry Division remained in Germany until September 1968, when it redeployed two brigades to Fort Riley, Kansas, as part of the REFORGER (Return of Forces to Germany) program. One brigade was maintained in Germany.

(Source: Email from Richard Burch)
Provost Marshal Office, 24th Infantry Division

The C2 of the 24th Infantry Division MP Company extends downward from the tactical commander to the Division Provost Marshal (PM).

The Division Provost Marshal (PM) is the Division Commander's special staff officer. Under normal circumstances, he works for the chief of staff. The Division PM has OPCON of the Division MP Company and MP assets that have been provided by the corps. The Division MP Company Commander directs the employment of company assets.

Through the company headquarters, the Commander provides administrative, maintenance and logistical support to the PM section and to the company's platoons that are dispersed throughout the division's area of operations (AO). These sections are mobile to support the platoons without delay despite the extended distances that may be separating them.

The 24th MP Security Platoon & Co Headquarters was located in Warner Kaserne, north side of Munich, Germany. (Webmaster note: checked STATION LISTS for 1958, 1959 and 1960... all indicate that the 24th MP Det was headquartered at Augsburg.)

(Source: Information from Richard Pratt via Dick Burch)
In November 1960, I was assigned to the 24th MP Detachment (not company at that time.) This detachment was attached to Headquarters and Headquarters Company 24th Infantry Division headquartered at Flak Kaserne, Augsburg not Warner in Munich. A platoon of the Detachment was stationed at Warner Barracks, but the Detachment headquarters as well as the Division Provost Marshal (Major, later Lt Colonel Mack during the time I was there) was sited at Flak Kaserne.

In late 1962 or early 1963, the Division was changed from its previous designation ("pentomic") to "mechanized." At that time, the detachment was redesignated as a company and our manpower and equipment increased. (For example, we were issued several jeep mounted recoiless rifles at this time.)

I rotated back to CONUS at the end of May 1963.

24th Signal Battalion

Dan Russell next to Battalion sign on Flak Kaserne

This pic. was taken in 1963 while being with the 24th Sig. Bn. at Flak Kaserne.
Herb Snyder (far left) and I chummed around together a lot. Vogel (next to Snyder) has passed on.
I haven't kept up with the others in the pic. For me, I'm enjoying wearing my lederhosen and
Snyder's Bavarian hat.
24th Signal Battalion DUI
(Source: Email from Dan Russell)
I just stumbled across your Website tonight. I was looking for information on Flak Kaserne in Augsburg, Germany. I understand it's been torn down and replaced with housing for low income Germans families? At least that the info. I got years ago.

I was stationed at Flak Kaserne with the 24th Sign. Bn. (A Co. and later C Co.) between Oct.1962 and Nov.1964. I notice your Website does not have any info. on the 24th Sig. Bn. I take it no one that was with the 24th Sig. Bn. (during this time) has contacted you until now?

I do have pic.'s from that time period if you think anyone is interested in viewing them?

I do have a question that I would like to ask? During the time I was with the 24th Sig. Bn. In Augsburg, we had a communication outpost in the forest,that, we would go on alerts,etc. As I recall, it was located on a forest hilltop some 10-15 miles from Augsburg. There was a small farm town at the base of the hilltop that had a family run guesthouse, that, we would go to for beers and play cards. For the life of me, I can't remember the name of that small farm town?

My Army buddy who was stationed with me in Augsburg during the same time and I think the small farm town outside Augsburg where we had our Communication outpost in the forest above the town was "Gersthoven", on Route2.

Just wondering if you have contact with anyone that was stationed at Flak Caserne that would recall the name of that small town?

I was with the 34th Sig. Bn. for a short time beofre being transferred to the 24th. First arriving at Krabbenlock Kaserne in early June, 1962, for about two months, then, TDY at Kelly Barracks in Stuttgart for about two months. Finally, transferred to Flak Kaserne in Augsburg with the 24th Sig.Bn. for the balance (30 months) of my service in the Army.

Just wondering if there is any way of locating an individual (Steve Weeks) status? Steve was a few years older than me at the time, maybe 22 years to my 19 years and also stationed with the 34th Sig. BN. at Krabbenloch Kaserne. Steve had his own private vehicle at the time and took me to town (Ludwigsburg) for my first taste of German beer/ bier. By the time we returned to the barracks, it was spinning - need I say more? Lol. I still have a picture of Steve Weeks while we were out in the field doing our (war games) exercises. The pictures shows Steve, me, and about eight young German children (from the local village) climbed on Steve's army vehicle.

24th ID Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol
(Source: Email from George D. Farland)

In 1963 I was assigned to Warner Kaserne (Munich) but recruited by Lt. Groth to be re-assigned to the 24th. Div. L.R.R.P. attached to Div. Hq. at Flak Kaserne. After two weeks at Warner I was sent to Flak where I spent 1963 to 1964.

2nd Lt Groth was promoted to 1st Lt and transferred out of the L.R.R.P. and was replaced by 2nd. Lt. Stillwell (Great Grandson of General Stillwell ” Vinegar Joe”).

In all of my searching I have never found any mention of the L.R.R.P. at Flak or in the 24th. It was 60 to 80 men and was there several years before I arrived and was there several years after I transferred out We were physically located at the end of Building 207 and our morse code radio school was in part of Building 206. My radio repair shop was in the basement of Building 207 across the hallway from Hq. supply.

We also had a repelling tower near the back gate and next to Building 203.

If you could validate this information and update the site it would be nice. I have for years tried to find some of those that served with me but we have no common place to communicate.

Webmaster note:
Bob Stefanowiczexcellent web site, Eaglehorse.org, has a write up on the 3rd Inf Div LRRP that includes some general information on the organization and operations of LRRPs in the early 1960s in Germany. Link to the article.  

If you have any additional information on the Long Range Recon Patrol detachment of the 24th Infantry Division, please contact the webmaster (see email link at top of page).

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