3rd Squadron, 12th Cavalry, late 1950s
Author's private collection)
Great shot of "C" Troop's M-41 Light Tanks in a tank park. It looks like the troops are applying new unit markings to the tanks.
(Some comments from Harald Spaeth:
you have posted same very rare and nice pictures of the 3rd Sqdn 12th Cav. These pictures show the M41 light tank not the M47. The M47 was never used by Recon Companies - later Troops. These are production M41 with angled fenders beginning with M41 number 2593. The M41 was an excellent light tank, but underrated by the US Army. The Army replaced them with M-48A2's in the Recon Troops beginning 1958, beause it was felt that it could not cope with the T54. Later in Vietnam the stellular service of  ARVN M41's against T54 proved this assumption dead wrong)