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3rd Armored Division
(Page 3 - Division Trains/Division Support Command)

Looking for more information from military/civilian personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S. Army in Germany from 1945 to 1989. If you have any stories or thoughts on the subject, please contact me.

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Div Data Center

503rd Admin Co

45th Med Bn

3rd QM Bn

503rd S&T Bn

Det "C" 503rd S&T Bn

122nd Ord / Maint Bn

Division Trains

Edwards Kaserne (1950) - became home of 3rd Armd Div Trains in 1956

Organization of an Armored Division Trains in 1958
(Source: STATION LIST, 31 December 1960)
HQ/HQ Det Div Trains (2) Frankfurt  
3rd Quartermaster Bn Frankfurt  
HQ/HQ Co Frankfurt  
A Co Frankfurt  
B Co Frankfurt  
45th Medical Bn    
HQ/HQ Co Frankfurt  
A Co Frankfurt  
B Co Frankfurt  
122nd Ordnance Bn    
HQ & A Co Hanau  
B Co Gelnhausen  
C Co Friedberg  
D Co Kirch Goens  
(1) 503rd Admin Co Frankfurt  
(1) According to doctrine for the period, the Administration Company should have been organic to Division Trains. However, some sources indicate that the 503rd Admin Co was a separate company under HQ 3rd Armd Div. Can anyone provide details?
(2) In the 1958 Yearbook, the 503rd Aviation Company, 23rd Engineer Battalion and the division NCO Academy are list in the Div Trains section. I can see the NCOA attached to Div Trains, but the 503rd Avn and the 23rd Engr??? Can anyone provide details?

Division Support Command

Edwards Kaserne main gate, 1963
(Source: ARMY LOGISTICIAN, 1980)

(Source: SPEARHEAD, October 4, 1983)
  Article describes the organization and role of FAST B, the DISCOM Forward Area Support Team that supports 2nd Brigade in Gelnhausen.

503rd Administration Company

Organization of the 503rd Administration Company, mid-1960s
503rd Administration Co DUI (1)
(Source: The Division Support Command, FM 54-2, September 1965)
The division administration company (2) company has certain personal and special staff sections which provide personnel and administrative service support to the division and its attachments. The company also provides electrical accounting equipment (punch card and transceiver) services and organizational maintenance of such equipment.

The administration company provides those division personal and special staff sections which normally remain with the division rear echelon. This company also provides the division chaplain who normally is located at division main. He coordinates the collective efforts of division chaplains in providing denominational coverage, as required.

The company operates under the general staff supervision of the division G1, and under the support command commander for unit administration, tactical training, and tactical operations.

The company headquarters section performs the normal functions of a company headquarters, including mess and supply. The division personal and special staff officers assigned to the company (adjutant general, finance officer, inspector general, staff judge advocate, chaplain, and information officer) operate in accordance with staff procedures and doctrine set forth in FM 101-5. T

The adjutant general section included within the company also provides centralized personnel service, postal service, special service support, and, when properly augmented, replacement support for the division.

For details of the employment and functions of the administration company see FM 12-11.

(1) As an non-color bearing unit (NCBU), 503rd Admin wore the 3rd Armored Division DUI
(2) The 503rd Administration Company was located at Drake Kaserne, Frankfurt (STATION LIST, 31 Dec 1966).

45th Medical Battalion

45th Armored Medical Battalion sign at Gibbs Kaserne, 1957 (Webmaster's collection)

Organization of the 45th Medical Battalion, mid-1960s
45th Medical Battalion DI
(Source: The Division Support Command, FM 54-2, September 1965)

The medical battalion (1) provides division level medical service to the division to include -

a. Operation of division clearing stations with a limited short-term holding capacity.

b. Ambulance evacuation of patients from unit medical treatment facilities.

c. Medical supply and organizational maintenance of medical equipment.

d. Emergency dental treatment.

e. Limited psychiatric service. and its attachments with all items of supply except class V, medical supplies and equipment, aircraft parts and supplies, cryptographic materiel, water, repair parts, and airdrop equipment. In addition, the battalion provides -

The medical battalion is assigned to the support command. The three medical companies are capable of operating ambulance and clearing stations in support of the brigades. Normally, a clearing station will be operated by each company for the unit that it supports. Each medical company can operate two clearing stations for displacement and short duration operations.

The headquarters and support company ambulances and clearing station normally operate in the division support area to support division troops and the support command.

Medical units normally furnish support on an area basis. For details of the operation of the medical battalion see FM 8-15.

(1) The 45th Medical Battalion (1966) was located at Gibbs Kaserne, Frankfurt (STATION LIST, 31 Dec 1966).

(Source: Sp5 Earl MacFarland, Co B 45th Med Bn, Gibbs Kaserne 1965-1967)
The 45th Med Bn was at Gibbs Kaserne -- Co A, B, C, D and Hq.

I was in Co B, the guy who said that they were at Edwards is mistaking the Dispensary we had there, for the whole Bn...

I know as I worked at the Dispensary 2d floor with the Div Psychiatrist and Div Social Worker in the Mental Hygiene unit processing BCDs and Unfit paperwork.

We rode a "crackerbox" from Gibbs to Edwards every day.

Building Use Information for Gibbs Barracks in the mid-1960s:
415 Main entrance Guard shack (414 was not used as I recall)
404 Library, movie, and snack bar
401 7th Army (Hq?)
402 45th Med Bn
403 LRRP guys
418 some type of light aircraft outfit warr -- officers operated out of Fliegerhorst I think
404A mess hall
404 1st flr NCO club, 2d flr EM club
408A Gym
409 possibly the bowling alley
445 rear guard shack, vehicle park was in same area
412 motor pool guys hung out there

(Source: Email from Denton Bragg)
I noticed the information on Gibbs Kaserne offered by Sp5 Earl MacFarland. I vaguely remember him.

I was assigned to B Company, 45th Med Bn in mid-1966 and served until we were moved to Hanau. I rotated back the the States in early 1969.

Our 1st Sgt. was Sgt. Gregg and CO was originally 2Lt Hamilton. If memory serves, our next CO was a Capt. Lassiter, whose father was I think in charge of Medical Service Corps at the time. Capt. Lassiter was a fine CO and did as much as he could to correct the many injustices done by Hamilton.

When I neared my rotation date Capt. Lassiter thankfully had me assigned to Edwards Kaserne to help conduct exit physicals for troops leaving.

I volunteered often for TDY to training schools such as CBR and .45 pistol match clinic both to advance my own agenda and to evade the efforts of Hamilton to destroy me. I was selected for the 3rd Armored Division Marksmanship Detachment both for my efforts in training a pistol team at the 45th and for distinguishing myself quite well during the .45 clinic at the Marksmanship Detachment. Hamilton arranged to block those TDY orders and deny me the honor. I only found out about this years later from a friend. Hamilton was the single worst part of my time at 45th. There was no apparent reason for his hatred of me but he visibly demonstrated it the moment I first reported for duty.

Pvt. Finger was our Company clerk at the time and he remarked in guarded whispers to me after I was finally dismissed that he wondered how Hamilton and I knew each other. We had never met. Finger told me to be extra careful because he said Hamilton was ‘real bad’. It was the understatement of the century! Not necessary to list his behavior here.

Suffice it that it was well known to Capt. Lassiter when he took command, and as partial redress to me made me his personal driver and assistant when he took over command of the company. I will always be thankful for his kindness and the gentlemanly yet efficient and professional manner that he headed our company.

I would welcome connecting email with Earl MacFarland.

I realize much of my memories of even Gibbs are confused and shrouded in mist. One small building near the back of the Kaserne that I personally spent much of my time in was the indoor, small-bore firing range. It was a 50’ range with deflected backstop. Since I was attempting to organize a pistol team for the Battalion, its close proximity meant that I happily spent many free time hours there.

I hope that other vets may eventually add their voices and memories to what you’re gathering.

3rd Quartermaster Battalion

3rd QM Battalion formation, Edwards Kaserne, 1958

M52 with M131 5,000-gallon semi trailer (fuel servicing)

Organization of an Armored QM Battalion in 1958
3rd Quartermaster Battalion DI

503rd Supply & Transportation Battalion

Organization of the 503rd Supply & Transport Battalion, mid-1960s
503rd Supply & Transportation Battalion DI
(Source: The Division Support Command, FM 54-2, September 1965)

The supply and transportation battalion (2) is responsible for supplying the division and its attachments with all items of supply except class V, medical supplies and equipment, aircraft parts and supplies, cryptographic materiel, water, repair parts, and airdrop equipment. In addition, the battalion provides -

a. Reserve stocks of classes I and III, and selected fast moving classes II and IV supplies in all divisions.

b. Transportation for logistic support operations.

c. Transportation for tactical movement in the infantry division, when required.

d. Bath facilities when properly augmented and, when practical, clothing exchange service.

e. Map supply.

f. Graves registration service, when properly augmented.

g. A division salvage collection facility.

h. Limited purchasing and contracting.

i. Coordination for laundry and exchange services.

j. Limited capability for rigging supplies and equipment for resupply by air.

k. Advice to division units on food service matters.

The supply and transport battalion provides and operates distribution points for classes I and III supplies in the brigade trains areas as well as in the division support area. On request, classes II and IV supplies are delivered by the support command to forward class I supply distribution points for issue.

Selected classes II and IV supplies may also be stocked at forward class I supply distribution points. Division reserve stocks of classes I, II, III, and IV supplies are maintained in the division support area.

a. Supply and transport elements from the battalion may be attached to or placed in support of divisional units operating in independent or semi­independent missions. When properly augmented, the battalion provides bath unit support on an area basis. The battalion, when properly augmented, provides graves registration support in each brigade area to receive, identify, and arrange for evacuation of dead to the division collection point. It also provides a graves registration collection point in the division support area.

b. In the infantry divisions, corps or army transportation units must be provided if combat units are to be moved in a single lift.

c. For details of the operation of the supply and transport battalion, see FM 10-50.

(1) The 503rd S&T Battalion was modified from the type supply and transportation battalion defined in FM 54-2 by the addition of Detachment "C," an airfield support unit for the division.
(2) The 503rdh S&T Battalion (1966) was located at Edwards Kaserne, Frankfurt (STATION LIST, 31 Dec 1966).
When the 503rd Avn Bn, Fliegerhorst Kaserne, Hanau, was inactivated in 1967, Detachment "C" was activated and attached to the 503rd S&T Bn.

(Source: SPEARHEAD, October 4, 1983)
  Several articles on the 503rd S&T Bn during FTX CONFIDENT ENTERPRISE '83, an AUTUMN FORGE maneuver in central Germany in 1983.

122nd Ordnance / Maintenance Battalion
122nd Ordnance Battalion
122nd Ordnance Battalion DUI

122nd Maintenance Battalion

Organization of the 703rd Maintenance Battalion, mid-1960s
122nd Maintenance Bn DUI
(Source: The Division Support Command, FM 54-2, September 1965)
The maintenance battalion provides direct support maintenance for the division and its attachments to include:

a. Direct support maintenance for all materiel except medical, electrical accounting, quartermastes airdrop, and cryptographic equipment.

b. Obtaining, accounting for, and issuing selected maintenance float items.

c. Supply of repair parts.

d. Operation of maintenance collection points and provision of evacuation service.

Direct support maintenance, to include a limited materiel recovery and evacuation capability, is provided each brigade by a forward support company in the brigade trains area (1). The forward support company is reinforced as required by elements of the headquarters and main support company of the maintenance battalion.

The headquarters and main support company (2) operates in the division support area, providing direct maintenance support to the division elements not supported by the forward support companies as well as backup maintenance support to the forward support companies. The headquarters and main support company operates the main division maintenance collection point and provides evacuation assistance to support units when required.

The aircraft maintenance company (3) provides direct support maintenance for organic and attached division aircraft at airstrips and helicopter operating sites.

(1) Company B, 122nd Maint Bn, supports 2nd Brigade; Co C supports 3rd Brigade; and Co D supports 1st Brigade
Headquarters and A Company, 122nd Maint Bn, located at Fliegerhorst Kaserne, Hanau.
(3) Company E, 122nd Maint Bn, Fliegerhorst Kaserne, Hanau.

(Source: STATION LIST, 31 December 1966)
122nd Maintenance Bn  
HQ & A Co Fliegerhorst Ksn, Hanau TOE 29-035E63
B Co Coleman Ksn, Gelnhausen TOE 29-035E63 - Forward Support
C Co Ray Bks, Friedberg TOE 29-035E63 - Forward Support
D Co Ayers Ksn, Kirch Göns TOE 29-035E63 - Forward Support
E Co Fliegerhorst Ksn, Hanau TOE 29-035E63 - Aircraft Support

(Source: STARS & STRIPES, Oct 22, 1969)
E Company, 122nd Maint Bn was selected as USAREUR's outstanding Army aviation support unit. The company is responsible for providing aircraft maintenance support to 3rd Armd Div's aircraft.

(Source: SPEARHEAD, October 4, 1983)
  Article describes role of G Company, 122nd Maint Bn (formerly 509th Ordnance Detachment).

(Source: SPEARHEAD, November 1, 1983)
  Article about B Company, 122nd Maintenance Bn, Fliegerhorst Kaserne.

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