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3rd Armored Division
(Page 3 - Division Trains/Division Support Command)

Looking for more information from military/civilian personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S. Army in Germany from 1945 to 1989. If you have any stories or thoughts on the subject, please contact me.

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3rd QM Bn

45th Med Bn

122nd Ord/Maint Bn

503rd S&T Bn

Division Trains

Edwards Kaserne (1950) - became home of 3rd Armd Div Trains in 1956

Organization of an Armored Division Trains in 1958
(Source: STATION LIST, 31 December 1960)
HQ/HQ Det Div Trains (2) Frankfurt  
3rd Quartermaster Bn Frankfurt  
HQ/HQ Co Frankfurt  
A Co Frankfurt  
B Co Frankfurt  
45th Medical Bn    
HQ/HQ Co Frankfurt  
A Co Frankfurt  
B Co Frankfurt  
122nd Ordnance Bn    
HQ & A Co Hanau  
B Co Gelnhausen  
C Co Friedberg  
D Co Kirch Goens  
(1) 503rd Admin Co Frankfurt  
(1) According to doctrine for the period, the Administration Company should have been organic to Division Trains. However, some sources indicate that the 503rd Admin Co was a separate company under HQ 3rd Armd Div. Can anyone provide details?
(2) In the 1958 Yearbook, the 503rd Aviation Company, 23rd Engineer Battalion and the division NCO Academy are list in the Div Trains section. I can see the NCOA attached to Div Trains, but the 503rd Avn and the 23rd Engr??? Can anyone provide details?

Division Support Command

Edwards Kaserne main gate, 1963
(Source: ARMY LOGISTICIAN, 1980)

(Source: SPEARHEAD, October 4, 1983)
  Article describes the organization and role of FAST B, the DISCOM Forward Area Support Team that supports 2nd Brigade in Gelnhausen.

3rd Quartermaster Battalion

3rd QM Battalion formation, Edwards Kaserne, 1958

M52 with M131 5,000-gallon semi trailer (fuel servicing)

Organization of an Armored QM Battalion in 1958
3rd Quartermaster Battalion DI

45th Medical Battalion
45th Medical Battalion DI
(Source: Sp5 Earl MacFarland, Co B 45th Med Bn, Gibbs Kaserne 1965-1967)
The 45th Med Bn was at Gibbs Kaserne -- Co A, B, C, D and Hq.

I was in Co B, the guy who said that they were at Edwards is mistaking the Dispensary we had there, for the whole Bn...

I know as I worked at the Dispensary 2d floor with the Div Psychiatrist and Div Social Worker in the Mental Hygiene unit processing BCDs and Unfit paperwork.

We rode a "crackerbox" from Gibbs to Edwards every day.

Building Use Information for Gibbs Barracks in the mid-1960s:
415 Main entrance Guard shack (414 was not used as I recall)
404 Library, movie, and snack bar
401 7th Army (Hq?)
402 45th Med Bn
403 LRRP guys
418 some type of light aircraft outfit warr -- officers operated out of Fliegerhorst I think
404A mess hall
404 1st flr NCO club, 2d flr EM club
408A Gym
409 possibly the bowling alley
445 rear guard shack, vehicle park was in same area
412 motor pool guys hung out there

503rd Supply & Transportation Battalion
(Source: SPEARHEAD, October 4, 1983)
  Several articles on the 503rd S&T Bn during FTX CONFIDENT ENTERPRISE '83, an AUTUMN FORGE maneuver in central Germany in 1983.

45th Medical Battalion
45th Medical Battalion DI

122nd Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion
122nd Ordnance Battalion DI
122nd Maintenance Battalion
(Source: STARS & STRIPES, Oct 22, 1969)
E Company, 122nd Maint Bn was selected as USAREUR's outstanding Army aviation support unit. The company is responsible for providing aircraft maintenance support to 3rd Armd Div's aircraft.

(Source: SPEARHEAD, October 4, 1983)
  Article describes role of G Company, 122nd Maint Bn (formerly 509th Ordnance Detachment).

(Source: SPEARHEAD, November 1, 1983)
  Article about B Company, 122nd Maintenance Bn, Fliegerhorst Kaserne.

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