631st Tactical Control Flight
Paul Costinett)
Okay - definitely an M-49 fuel truck with probably the Radar Shop's S-530 shelter in tow.  On the left, with glasses, is TSgt Mike Gdowski (spelling).  He was NCIOC of Radar Maint and became a Quality Assurance/Control guy.  The female is Capt Juanita Thompson or Thomson and she eventually made Major and became the Director of Operations.  Codename was "dragonlady", for which you can figure out why.  Nice though.. I got along with her.  The tall "jughead" looking officer was our mobility officer.  He is probably a 1st Lieutenant or Captain in this picture.  His nickhame of "jughead" was given to him by Capt Edd Richardson, Flight Commander.  I think he was "jug1" for which there was definitely a "Jug2", who would be a Lt or Capt Tokarz, who is not pictured.
The tall guy on the left is Jughead1.  The guy in the middle is John Nelson, VM mechanic.  It is he whom I really upset over painting the TONKA on the trucks since he's the one who did the fresh paint jobs.  Unidentified other guy, but I know he worked in operations.  The vehicle in the back with the tinted glass was our makeshift entry control point shelter.