631st Tactical Control Flight
Paul Costinett)
The individual sitting with his hand to his face is me, smoking a cigarette when I should be paying attention to the scenario.  Stretched out and overlooking the hill is SSgt Corby Wilhoit, who was a super mechanic and QA guy.  The truck to the right is a camo'd M-49.  The yellow rope is the perimeter of the deployed fuels area.  We are probably involved in an assault or intruder scenario.  Taken at Kaltenbuch.
The SSgt standing, I can't recall.  Except that he was as SATCOM guy.  The guy seated is Mike Ulrich, probably a Sgt in this shot. 
I hung out with him a good bit while at the unit.  I know he got out in Germany.

Louis Brown and Gary M. Oda.  Taken inside the AGE shop.  Both great guys.