Fourth Allied Tactical Air Force, 1970s
Ronald Hauber, 750th Feldjäger Battalion, Bundeswehr)
Picture taken in 1973 shows General Eade (deputy commander in chief of the U.S. European Command), with two German Air Force generals visiting the NATO Radar Early Warning System which was in underground bunker (Bunker "Martin") on the Heuberg near Messtetten in the Schwaebische Alb mountains, SW Germany. The radar station was operated by the Radarführungsabteilung 22 of the 1. Luftwaffen-Division. The photo shows a German MP escort team (3. Co. Feldjäger Btn. 750 Stuttgart) with BMW 500 motorcycles. I'm the young sergeant on the left side. (Gen Eade probably flew in with the Huey - from EUCOM Avn Det? - while the German officers arrived by motorcade with Feldjäger escort.)