Equipment used by Army Aviation in Europe
(Source: TM 11-5895-241-34 / July 1974)
Communications Control Set AN/FSW-8(V)
The Communication Control Set AN/FSW-8(V) provides radio communication control and displays meteorological data and field status information for control towers and ground control approach (GCA) systems as required at class A, B, or C airfields. An AN/FSW-8(V) system may be composed of either two Consoles, Communication Control OA-2055/ FSW-8 or OA-2056/FSW-8, one Meteorological Display Console OA-2054/FSW-8, one Indicator, Field Status ID-877/FSW-8 with Switch Box SA-751/FSW-8 and one Communication Station, Remote Control OA-3014/FSW-8. One OA-2055/FSW-8 or one OA-2056/FSW-8 is required for each control position provided for at a particular airfield. One OA2054/FSW-8 must be installed in the control tower adjacent to either the OA-2055/FSW-8 or OA-2056/FSW-8, regardless of the class of the airfield. An additional OA-2054/FSW-8 is required at the GCA facility if the GCA equipment does not display the necessary meteorological data.
The OA-3014/FSW-8, used in conjunction with the OA-2055/FSW-8 or OA-2-56/FSW-8 at installations requiring remote operation, contains control circuitry for up to 10 radio receiver and 10 radio transmitter channels. The OA3014/FSW-8 cannot
operate independently and must be connected to the radio transmitting circuits of the OA-2055/FSW-8 or OA-2056/FSW-8 for normal operation. The OA-3014/FSW-8 also contains the telephone and field status provisions available at the OA-2055/FSW-8 or OA-2056/ FSW-8.