16th Aviation Operating Detachment, 1962
J., 16th AOD/14th AATRIC/14th ATC)
Stuttgart International Airport - 1962, view from the 16th AOD barracks.
(1) This was the new hangar at Stuttgart Int'l. (I think built around 1959?) It is the only thing still there. It is all parking building and etc. where our old buildings stood.  
(2) This was the Motor Pool bays. Then some storage/unused space down towards the Training Center. Maybe a little of the Radio Repair and beacon section on the first of it? Hard to remember exactly, but I think what is shown is Motor Pool Office and bays.
(3) This is the Training Center. Upper floor was barracks, rooms.
(4) All of that was storage space and vehicle park used for vehicles for a depot/maintenace unit. I don't remember the units ID? Our vehicles were parked on the end of that same lot, on end away from the airport and Training Center (to the left). They had everything from trucks, cranes on back of trucks, to tank retrievers that went through that lot.
(5) There was a building in that string right next to the Training Center where the Supply Room and etc. was situated, but I didn't think it was that tall? It was all one continuous line of buildings, so that building was connected to the Training Center. I think that top roof is over the Training Center? I don't know why I didn't take a picture looking down that row of buildings or one from the driveway on the extreme other end where our Company was and the Unit sign?

When we lifted off for Samur, France to pick up the van and truck Sp. 5 Ed Gast (backbone of the FOC Platoon and had been with them since he came in the Army in 1957?) said to take a picture of those buildings, but I didn't. Always paid to listen to Ed Gast, he was the best!! I got into a lot of things with him saying "come on Johnny, we can do it" I'm sure his men in Vietnam in 1967-68 felt the same about Capt. Gast when he was flying helicopters over there!! Ah the mistakes of youth and ones first camera I guess??