Baumholder Army Airfield, 1958
(Source: Marvin Hornbostel)
Some of the personnel permanently assigned to Baumholder Army Airfield in 1958. All of the officers were pilots. As can be seen in this photo, the men were very close and relations between officers and EMs was pretty informal. (Click here for a list of the personnel)

Personnel at Baumholder AAF, 1958    
In the photo:    
Kneeling in front, from left to right - SP4 Toot; SP4 Glenn Amos    
Standing, from left to right - 1st LT John Persch (Det Maintenance Officer); PFC Wideman; SP4 Kenneth Phegley; SP4 Jameson; SP4 Marvin Hornbostel; CAPT Morrude (Det CO)    
Not in photo:    
1st LT Robert Henley; 1st LT Richard Smith; 1st LT Kenneth Sullivan; 1st LT James Timmons; SFC Hoyne; SP4 Charles Davis; and SP4 Richard Valdes