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11th Aviation Group
VII Corps

Looking for more information from military/civilian personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S. Army in Germany from 1945 to 1989. If you have any stories or thoughts on the subject, please contact me.

Group History (19..-19..)

71st Avn Co

73rd MI Co (AS)

180th Avn Co

207th Avn Co

295th Avn Co

334th Avn Co

Group History
(Source: V Corps pamphlet, 1990)
The 11th Aviation Group was assigned to VII Corps in November 1979.

On Oct 16 1987, the group was reorganized as the 11th Avn Brigade.

In August 1988, the 11th moved to Storck Bks, Illesheim.


Location of HQ 11th Aviation Group (CBT) and subordinate units, July 1974

The 11th Aviation Group (Combat) is located at Dolan Bks, Schwabisch Hall. CO of the Group is Col Francis J. Toner.

Presently, there are nine subordinate units:
71st Avn Co (Aslt Hel), Peden Bks, Wertheim
73rd MI Co (Aerial Survl)
, Hanau
180th Avn Co (Aslt Spt Hel)
, Dolan Bks, Schwaebisch Hall
207th Avn Co (Army)
, Heidelberg AAF
295th Avn Co (Hvy Hcptr)
, Finthen AAF
334th Avn Co (Attack Hel)
, Hutier Ksn, Hanau
1st Cbt Spt Det (Avn Spt)
, Echterdingen AAF, Stuttgart
5th Avn Det (Flt Opns)
, Dolan Bks, Schwaebisch Hall
357th Cbt Spt Det (Avn Spt)
, Casteau AB, Belgium


(Source: Heilbronn Eagle, Nov 9, 1987)
Apache, new additions enlarge command

By Mike Novogradac

The addition of a battalion of new AH-64 Apache helicopters led to the deactivation of the 11th Aviation Group and the activation of the 11th Aviation Brigade on Oct. 12 at Dolan Barracks in Schwaebisch Hall.
  An advanced party of the 2nd Battalion, 6th Aviation is now located in Illesheim and the rest of the unit, now located at Fort Hood, Texas, is scheduled to arrive during January, 1988, according to Lynn Edens of the new brigade's Force Modernization Office.

"The brigade is being restructured and designated to meet the Army of Excellence Plan for all units," Edens said. "Most units within the new brigade are restructuring and receiving modernized equipment under the plan."

As the 11th Aviation Group went down in military history, its soldiers were born-again with new unit patches and crests. Edens explained, however, that the 11th Aviation Brigade activation happened a lot faster than the supply of patches and crests could keep up. "Most soldiers have at least one patch," she said, "and to issue them all the patches they need may take up to one year." Edens also said the new unit hasn't yet received any color patches for wear on the Class A dress uniform.

VII Corps Commander Lt. Gen. Ronald L. Watts presided over the deactivation/activation ceremony, in which 11th Aviation Brigade command sergeant major CSM Bobby D. Burnett, along with Brigade Commander Col. Kenneth Kimes cased the 11th Aviation Group's colors, and uncased for the first time colors of the new brigade.

All units in the new brigade, along with both German and French partnership units, stood formation for the historical ceremony.

Edens said that in the future, other units will also be added to the new brigade.
  An AH-64 Apache battalion was added during activation ceremonies of the 11th Avn Bde
If you have more information on the history or organization of the 11th Aviation Gp/Bde, please contact me.

71st Aviation Company
(Source: STARS & STRIPES, March 28, 1977)
The 71st Aviation Company was named Aviation Unit of the Year for 1976. The unit was accident-free and maintained a 90 percent aircraft readiness rate throughout the year.

(Source: Email from Douglas Womack)
Your website specifies that the 71st Aviation Company "eventually became E Company, 3rd Aviation Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division."

As the 71st was deactivated, it is probably better described as "Assets transferred to E Company, etc."

The 71st was in Panama prior to serving in Vietnam. Coincidentally, when the colors of the 71st were sent to Vietnam, the assets of A Company, 501st Aviation Battalion (serving in Vietnam until September 1966), were transferred to the 71st. As you are aware, both units went on to serve in Germany.

In Vietnam, A/501 and the 71st both used the callsigns "Rattler (lift platoons) and Firebird (gun platoon)." Those callsigns originated with the 3rd Aviation Company, which was either deactivated or reassigned elsewhere, with assets to A/501 in Vietnam.

73rd Military Intelligence Company (Aerial Surveillance)

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