Communications Zone
Coligny Caserne, Headquarters, Communications Zone USAREUR
(Source: Aerial Photo - IGN website)
Comments by Charles Edwards, 103rd ASA Det, early 1960s:
The main entrance to the Caserne Coligny is at (1), on the rue Faubourg-Bannier. The main barracks is (4)…103rd ASA was on the 4th floor at the lefthand end of the building (as the picture is oriented here). Our bay was the entire end of the building front to back. (8) is the main COMZ HQ building. The ComCenter was, as I recall, on the ground floor of this building at what would be the upper end of the building as pictured here. The 103rd’s working quarters were on the top floor (attic) at the lower end of the building as pictured…we had three rooms corresponding with the three dormer windows you can see. The middle one was at the top of the staircase, and was in the XO’s small office (LT David G. Hubby). The lower one was a larger room which housed the analysis section, which I headed. The upper one was in a similarly large room and that housed the monitoring section. We didn’t use a monitoring van here, only on TDY missions at EUCOM.

Building (5) housed as I recall, our supply room. (7B) was, as I recall, the QM Laundry. (32) was the EM Club. (23) was the Post Theater. (10) housed G1, G2, G3 and G4 for COMZ, and probably quite a few other offices…LTC Bratton’s office was in this building (he was our CO and also the ASA liaison officer to COMZ and to EUCOM. The 1SG (SSG Ronald Antoine) and Det Clerk (name forgotten) were housed here with Col Bratton. (34) was the Post PX. And I think (7) housed the classified burn site…I remember making my daily armed trip to this vicinity! I can’t recall the other buildings, but my time sent here was quite limited because I was engaged at the time and just slept and worked, escaping to Paris every Friday night. The last 8 months of my time I was married and living off-post, and for a good part of that time actually living in Paris and commuting to EUCOM every day where I was in charge of a semi-permanent monitoring operation.

I will continue to mull a bit, and will also see what pictures I can find for you.