Coligny Caserne, Orleans, early 1950s
(Source: Millard Collins)
The long building in the back is where I worked. The lower floor had a garage, showers and mess hall. The second floor had, starting from the right, stairwell and rest rooms. The sign area was next. There were 2 hallways. The front one had the photo lab and the entrace to the message center and all the way back was the switch board with all the French girls doing the phones. The back hall had the Crypto rooms . Each was used 6mo for security. That was where I worked. Next doors were on the left" Teletype repair" and across the hall were the offices. There was an officer and a WAC. She was in charge of all the French girls on the phones and the message center. Straight back was the Message Center. I also worked there on third shift. I came to use the 7774 *Signal Det) when the regular phone lines went down. After my security clearances came through I went to work as a Crypto Spec till my time to go home. The photo was taken in the early 50's so you will still see damage from WW2.
PS The building in front was where we had to go to get our security msgs signed for. Street in front was south downtown Orleans and north to Saran.