V Corps LRRP Co, 1960s
The Guardian, 14 Jan 1961 via Richard Cole )
The men of the Long Range Patrol criss-crossed their way over this rugged course. The tactical problem: There has been a border violation by the Aggressor Army headed southeast to Bamberg and Bayreuth The Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol Company's positions near Wildflecken, northern Bavaria, have been overrun. Friendly lines have been established along the River Saale near Bad Kissingen.
The job of the Long Range Patrol is to escape to friendly lines through the gap between two large Aggresror forces. The area is patrolled, but the enemy is not at full strength because the terrain is relatively impassable.
Broken lines indicate the phase lines for dawn of the first and second days. The Long Rangers were to be re-provisioned by friendly partisans at check points along the phase lines. They also received a new azimuth shooting.
Solid lines are major roads, some of which define the boundaries of the problem They were heavily patrolled by Aggressor scout jeeps provided by the 3d ARB, 50th Inf. The pick-up point for the end of the problem was near Bad Kissingen, Bavaria.