1st Target Acquisition Battalion, 26th Artillery
(Source: "Sonny")
Francois Kaserne, Hanau, around

Grafenwoehr Training Area -- Am not sure just "who" these guys are in the photo; maybe Sp/4 Collett or Ketcham in the foreground... Sp/5 Miller, standing, rear.... don't have a clue who is kneeling.

B Btry, TAB, Survey Section, doing their job with our "state of the art" equipment.... DME's (aka"Distance Measuring Equipment," aka tape measure). This was taken about 1/8th to 1/2 Mile SSW from OP-1....if I recall correctly.
Grafenwoehr, 1967or 68 -- Blown up WWII era German bunker at Grafenwoehr. People in photo: Sp/5 Richard Walker in the shadows kneeling; Sp/4 Don Escue' standing (center); Sp/4 "Richard"? Turner at bottom (left). Can't remember Turner's first name....for positive...    
Grafenwoehr Training Area 1969 -- Artillery Surveyor, B 1/26th. This is a real DME (state of the art equipment) in 1966-69. Used to measure distance from one point to another. Don't know exactly how long it was in use or had been in use. I never got to use one of these, no more than once or twice after AIT. Photo taken in Jan/Feb of 1969. Can't tell who the operator is.