1st Target Acquisition Battalion, 26th Artillery
(Source: "Sonny")
Babenhausen Kaserne, Babenhausen, around

Rifle Range, Grafenwoehr Training Area -- That is Capt. Siebert in the foreground. May be Lt. Dickerson behind him (XO). Don't have a "clue" as to who the others are! Photo is from about. Nov. 1968.
Babenhausen Kaserne -- Either late 1968 or early 1969. (I was TDY to Grafenwoehr from shortly after Jan 1, 1969 until 1st of March 1969.) Has to be in 1968. Can't recall the cook's name (soldier in center foreground) for anything. As much time as I spent in the Mess Hall, scrubbing pots and pans/etc, one would think I would remember his name...nope!    
Babenhausen 1969 -- One of the last photos that I took before leaving Germany in March, 1969. Survey Platoon being marched back to barracks for evening formation by SSG Pinkerman.