1st Target Acquisition Battalion, 26th Artillery
(Source: "Sonny")
Babenhausen Kaserne, Babenhausen, around

EM Club Babenhausen, 1969 -- Taken in Jan 1969, I think. Survey Section preparing to leave for Grafenwoehr. B Btry 1st TAB 26th FA can't tell who any of the personnel are -- pic is too dark in that area. EM Club in the background. As I recall, "The Shirelles" played at this EM Club in Dec. 1968. Story has it that Archie Bell and the Drells recorded a #1 hit tune, "Tighten Up" in the building in the background, I think that was in 1968. Whether or not that is correct, I cannot verify.
Babenhausen Kaserne -- This is 1st Sergeant Hunsaker, he appears to still be Sergeant First Class. I believe that he got his E-8 stripes shortly after this photo was taken. Photo taken in the B 1/26th motor pool in 1969.