3rd Battalion, 84th Field Artillery (PERSHING)
(Source: Calvin Bridges)


Calvin on gate duty. The other guy is a German local who works in the Mess Hall as a dish washer (KP). Anybody recognize him?    
This is one of Delta Battery's TRC-133 - SSBs - with Sp4 Bill Morrison on top of it preparing an antenna mount.    
This pic shows the vehicles parked at ready for our ability to exit the Main Gate quickly in the event of an alert move. The XM757's with the EL's were parked in the Amunitions Storage area about one mile north of the Neckarsulm Kaserne. A truck would be designated to take the XM757 drivers to their rigs. Another truck would carry men used for road guides to set then out at intersections where the convoy route would be making a turn. Another truck would follow up the end of the convoy picking these guys up.