593rd Field Artillery Battalion
(Source: Bill Daniel)

Grafenwoehr, April 1956 - For some reason, on this trip to Grafenwohr we had an emphasis on perimeter defense around the firing sites. We had 2x 50 cal machine guns which could be ring mounted on the mess and maintenance trucks. These with 2x 30 cal and 2x 3.5 Rocket Launchers provided the defense. In these pictures, the clerks, mechanics etc are training on the 50 cal.
Grafenwoehr, April 1956 - The day these pictures were taken, we fired up our basic load of small arms ammo plus all the AP & WP 3.5 rounds and drew all new ammo. During this training exercise, we maintained all night positions around the unit. Our trac had one 30 cal, one 3.5 and a field phone tied in to the CP.
Grafenwoehr, April 1956 - doing field maintenance, probably on breech block and firing mechanism.