Central Army Group
(Source: James Savage)
This is the CENTAG G2 Division. The photo was taken in Aug 1977, in front of the HQ Building. I am not in this photo because I was on emergency leave. I also took a photo of the names of the people in the picture.
(For list of names, see below.)
TOP ROW: Karl Wahl, Rolf Schaefer, Johann Bruke, Tony Frisch, MAJ Lang, LTC Dallison, MAJ Hammer, SFC David Gowen
MIDDLE: LTC Johannesson, SSG Paul Johnson, OFw Dahl, SSG Moye, LTC Kraus, SP4 Wessman, LTC Marx, LTC Schonherr, LTC Gerner
BOTTOM: MAJ Gaugh, LTC von BERLICHINGEN, MAJ Halgus, LTC Bruemmer, COL Hamilton, COL Glade, LTC Dietrich, LTC Neal, SGM Mastrainni