Central Army Group
(Source: Bob Bertelson)

Our barracks, Building 114, was located at Patton Barracks, about 3 miles away from Campbell Barracks. I remember that we were driven every day from Patton to Campbell in the German equivalent of an American 2 1/2 ton truck. I remember the German truck as very high quality, smooth, powerful and comfortable, and far superior to the American "deuce and a half". When we moved to Seckenheim (Hammonds Barracks), we continued our daily commute to Campbell in these trucks.
Main Gate, Patton Barracks, 1961. Me driving my German Taunus (an excellent car) into
the main gate of Patton Barracks, my first home in Germany.
Building 114 at Patton Barracks, the first home of the 11 (33) CENTAG MPs.
The 11 American's were in the room (1st four windows, ground floor, to the right of the 114 sign,
the 11 German MPs on the second floor directly above us, and the 11 French MPs on the third
floor directly above them
Bldg 114 as it looked during my return visit to Germany in Sept 2004. It was being completely
refurbished. It broke my heart to travel 6000? miles and get within 10 feet of my old room and
not get to see it! The identical buildings on either side of 114 were untouched..... .