382nd Military Police Battalion
James Hylton via Dick Burch)
(L to R) Rufas Campbell, Jim Hylton, James Clifford & Charles Godette, Mess Hall is in background,
Co C, 382nd MP BN, Smith Bks, Baumholder, Germany on their off time during 1960-62.
(TAPS) Traffic Accident Prevention Section
The Traffic Accident Prevention Section (TAPS) provided a (2 man) TAPS Teams per shift for support to the Baumholder MP Station, Smith Barracks. During their shifts they investigated traffic accidents, incidents both on and off military installations in the Baumholder Provost Marshal Area of Operation. They investigated traffic accidents involving U.S. Forces personnel, dependents, and U.S. citizen civilian employees. TAPS Teams also conducted convoy escorts and escorted VIP's traveling through the Baumholder area. Duties of TAPS was similiar to the Highway Patrol duties in the U.S. In this picture -
James Clifford with his "White Mouse" patrol vehicle, a 1957 Chevy HP TAPS Sedan, C-4, taken just across from the company area, Co C, 382nd MP BN.