1st Signal Battalion, late 1960
Ed Hawks)
That photo was taken at Kleber Kaserne from top of the tower that you see in Photo #7. I took those pics hanging out of the top. In the picture of the ground is the parade grounds and mess hall and behind the mess hall is HHC 1st Signal Battalion where I got my first field grade article 15 just before PCSing to the states. At the time I was the 7th Signal Brigade Soldier of the quarter and just passed the E5 board. My CO and battalion commander were so happy because I won. It all came crashing down when I came up positive on a urinalysis. Two years later then entire thing was reversed because the Army which never admits fault threw out all urinalysis's over a period of about two years. Mine was one of them. As crazy as it sounds I am glad it happend beucase if it did not I would not have lost my security clearence which resulted in my being sent to Ft. Jackson and not Ft. Gordon. Had that not happened I would not have met my wife of 27 years and had these great kids. Life is strange sometimes.