1st Signal Group
Richard Martineau)
This picture was taken a few months before I rotated. It was 1st Signal Group's 6th Anniversary Ceremony at Patton Field, Harbord Barracks Insallation, on 7 May 1966. Brig. Gen. George H. Young Jr., Chief of Staff, USACOMZEUR, reviewed the troops, presented awards and gave address. (275th Signal) passed in review. Capt. Robert Williams, our CO, was on the left on the ground by the platform; CWO Robbins was on platform, left side. I had the honor of holding the flag. Then there was General Young, Sgt. Maj. Kay Marshall, and our CO, Col Myles E Standish. Everyone on the platform was from Headquarters 1st Signal Group except the Brig. General.

A picture of a few of my buddies. I am the one on the left, Richard Martineau; 2nd from left is Fred Ambrose, who has been in contact
with me since we got out of the service. I have not heard from him in 2 years ??? Next is Leonard T. Murphy, and last was Morris Hollingsworth,
whom I was told passed away 4 years ago.. He was also one of six close friends from 1st Signal Group who kept in touch all those years..
through Christmas cards, calls and emails, even a few visits from the guys. One thing about being stationed with strangers that far from home,
they don't stay strangers for long -- a strong bond develops, a lot like that with a brother.