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70th Engineer Battalion (Combat)
Tactical Command

Looking for more information from military/civilian personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S. Forces, Austria from 1945 to 1955. If you have any stories or thoughts on the subject, please email me (webmaster).


70th Engr Bn History

70th EBC in Germany

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70th Engineer Battalion History
Anybody interested in details about the organization and history of the 70th Engineer Battalion (Cbt) may contact Mr. Joseph King.

(Source: Douglas E. Maiden, Co "D", 70th Engr Bn (C))
Date of service Jan. 1951 -- Dec 1954

The 70th Engineer Battalion was activated in Austria in 1949 with Companies H&S and "A". Companies B, C and D were formed at Fort Bragg, N.C. and left for Austria in July 1951 to join the Battalion. I left the states in July 1951. I embarked from Camp Kilmer in New Jersey and disembarked at Leghorn, Italy in July 1951. Our outfit, D Co 70th (C) Battalion was to be attached to 4th Armored Recon Battalion, Camp McCauley, Austria at Hörsching.

This was my first visit to Europe and I was 18 years old. I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the country. The people were very friendly and especially the people in the countryside where English was not prevalent. The local area resembled Gatlinburg, TN, located in the Great Smokey Mountains.

Duties while in Austria included the following: Supply Clerk, Combat Construction Specialist, Floating Bridge Specialist, Mail Clerk and Communication Sgt. at the time of rotation Dec 1954. Also maintained for 4th Armored Recon Battalion. Ran border patrol on the Danube from Linz to Passau.

I attended the NCO Academy in 1952, for radio operator and still operate ham radio KB4KGL. Just missed the one-year extension because of the Treste uprising.

I was very impressed with the people of Austria. Services provided by Austrian civilians included valet service, running snack bar, barber shops, tailor shops. Austrian doctors provided me with excellent care. All were fine people.

I was present during the 1952 Jewish grave retrieval located on the parade ground. I participated in Operation Frosty. I served under three Co. commanders: Cpt Jarrett; Cpt Jose Luis Ramos; Cpt Scott (from my home town of Bristol, VA)

Hangouts were Cafe Central, Gasthaus café in Horsching at the West Gate Camp McCauley, and Flamingo Club in Linz.

Even though my 30 months were spent in the Linz area, I frequently visited Salzburg. One of my favorites was Hotel Bristol (name of my hometown) and the White Castle was my favorite place to visit and dine. Great wienerschinitzel.

I have many joyful memories of Austria.
Best Wishes.
Doug E Maiden
Camp McCauley
Hörsching, Austria


1. Parade ground; vehcles in front belong to the 4th Armd Rcn Bn

2. Camp McCauley

3. Bulldozer of Co D

4. Company D billets

5. Posting guard

6. Post guard

7. CAPT Ramos, in middle

8. TCA Radio School

9. Graduates of the Radio School

10. Radio station on post
In the field
Co D, 70th Engr Bn


1. Maneuvers in Upper Austria

2. Road stop

3. Border patrol

4. Maneuvers

5. Summer war games



1. Austrian children in Linz

2. West gate

3. Hanging out at the Cafe

4. Königsee, near Berchtegaden

5. More resort stuff...

6. Training

(Source: Joe King, 70th Engr Bn (C) Historian)
"Headquarters and H&S", and "A" Company were activated in Austria in 1949. "B", "C" and "D" did not arrive in Austria until 13 Aug 1951. Below are historical facts of official military records from my research and manuscript.:

".........................On Friday, 01 April 1949, Section III, General Order 24, Headquarters United States Forces Austria, the 70th Engineer Combat Battalion, consisting of Headquarters and Service (H&S) Company,  was activated at Camp Klesshein in Salzburg.

".........................On 01 May 1949, Company "A" was formed of men from a personnel reorganization pool and from the 518th Engineers, who at that time were stationed at Solbad Hall outside of Innsbruck in the French Zone. The new "A" Co was commanded by 1st  Lt. Edward S. Waddell........." (Ed.s note: I have talked via telephone several times with Waddell.)

"......................With the above conditions at hand, mid year 1951 also brought drastic changes to the Battalion’s structure. Effective on 04 May, the 518th Engineer Combat Company and the newly organized 532nd Engineer Combat Company, primarily demolition's units, became self sustaining and in full support of, and reporting to the 70th. The 518th was stationed in Saalfelden and the 532nd at Camp McCauley. On 22 July, “B”, “C” and “D” Companies, having been formed at  Fort Bragg, North Carolina, departed for the Brooklyn Navy Yard, New York Port of Embarkation, boarded the ship, General R. E. Callen, and sailed for Leghorn, Italy for processing through the 588th Replacement Company at Camp Darby. By train, B and C Companies arrived in Saalfelden late afternoon, Sunday, 13 August, while D Company continued the same date to Camp McCauley in Linz. The 518th Engineer Combat Company moved from temporary quarters in Saalfelden to its new position at St. Johann in Pongau on 28 September. The Battalion main, H&S, A, B and C Companies, were permanently stationed at Camp Saalfelden and D Company would maintain its stay at Camp MacCauley throughout its duration in Austria. By the end of September, Battalion strength had reached 852 personnel........................"   (END)

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