Unlocking ring calendar display mechanism is a kind of in order to overcome the slow creeping mechanism of consumption for too long a period of time (generally 2 to 3 hours to replace the calendar time) and the design of the fast (usually a few seconds to replace the calendar time) calendar conversion structure. During the evolution of crawling mechanism and the unlocking mechanism, and is known as a fast climbing type calendar mechanism of ring transition. Fast climbing mechanism can put the calendar rolex replica sale conversion time is shortened to tens of minutes, and further the instantaneous jump is to shorten the time to seconds, shows that technology progress is very rapid. When it comes to unlocking ring calendar mechanism, ETA is the most authoritative, it launched with reliable and stable version. And I want to Rolex as an example, to introduce the classical watchmaking brand in the circular calendar technical breakthrough.

Rolex as early as 1945 developed the earliest by the calendar window display calendar watch. Cal.1560 movement launched in 1960 has equipped its new twelve o'clock calendar instantaneous structure.

Figure - the Rolex oyster perpetual SKY-DWELLER

Technical characteristics

The sliding friction is the transformation of the original unlocking mechanism of lever and cam on the outer edge of the rolling friction, including the calendar round 1, 2 eccentric cam, a lever 3, a pressure spring 4 and rolex replica the ruby roller 5.

1 eccentric cam 2 and calendar wheel 1 is fixed together, display train connection of the calendar wheel 1 and movement; 2 Ruby roller 5 is arranged in the lever 3 tip, through the external force pressing rolex replica sale spring 4, and the eccentric cam 2 rim closely.

3 at 12 pm or so, the ruby roller 5 along the outer edge of the eccentric cam 2 rolling, to the highest point of sudden fall, instantaneous conversion calendar day.

4 the agency's advantage lies in the cam Ruby and metal material with a very low coefficient of friction of the fit together, more conducive to reducing due to friction caused by resistance, make the instantaneous jump mechanism in the rolex replica rapid changing calendar process more flexible and fast.