Wehrmacht Kasernes in the Bad Kreuznach area before 1945
(German Post cards)

Des Gouttes Kaserne, Bad Kreuznach - actually a French caserne constructed during the French occupation of the Rhineland (end of WWI to 1930). A French army soldier stands guard outside of Des Gouttes Caserne. The French again assigned a garrison to it after WWII as Bad Kreuznach was part of their Zone of Occupation. The U.S. Army moved into the kaserne when the 2nd Armored Division arrived to replace French forces in 1951. (Oeffentlicher Anzeiger Newspaper, Bad Kreuznach)
Guard mount, Wehrmacht style - Rodrigo Gebhard's (1) father was a German infantryman during WWII assigned to an Infantry Regiment stationed at Hindenburg Kaserne - now Rose Barracks. Photo is of the main gate area and what is now Building 5300.
(1) Rodrigo has contributed several excellent photo series of former US installations and facilities in the BK area.
Another view of the guard mount, 1939.