Headquarters OMGUS, Berlin, 1947?
(Private photo collection)
A formation of Military Police (759th MP Bn?) marches into the OMGUS compound during a military ceremony. (Anyone with more information on this photo is encouraged to contact me)
Correction submitted by FL "Brad" Bradford - These troops are from the 822nd MP Company who provided security for OMGUS, Special Troops and the OMGUS dependents. The 759th wore OD helmet liners and had no jurisdiction in the OMGUS area (Dahlem). Also, the 759 did not wear the white Sam Browne belts. My first assignment in Berlin was to the 822nd MP Company (September 1946) which reported directly to HQ OMGUS.
They did guard duty on the OMGUS Compound and ran foot, jeep and motorcycle patrols in the area, including the dependent housing areas. I spent many hours on guard in this building. We did eight-hour shifts on this compound standing at attention and parade rest during daylight hours and locked inside the buildings at night. We also showed off with some close-order drill when they'd have something going on at Truman Hall. That part of it was really embarrassing, because then the drill team from the 3417th Trucking Co. would do their stuff and make us look like we had two left feet. I was transferred to B Company of the 759th MP Bn in Neukolln when the 822nd broke up and later to the 16th Constabulary Squadron in Lankwitz which later moved to McNair Barracks in Lichterfelde West.