AFRC Garmisch - Facilities
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The Eibsee Hotel is located on the Eibsee - 9 km southwest of Garmisch. Requisitioned by US Forces in 1945, it was used as a hotel for enlisted personnel, civilians and their families until 1971.

Originally built as an alpine lodge on the Eibsee (Eib Lake) in 1900, the lodge was replaced by a 60-bed hotel in 1913 and then converted into a 230-bed modern hotel in the 1920s. In 1941, the German Luftwaffe took over control of the hotel until the end of WWII.

After the hotel was returned to the original owners, the Terne-Rieppel family, the hotel was torn down and replaced with a more modern hotel that reopened in 1977. The 4-star hotel is still in operation and has been in the hands of the same family since the original construction of the alpine lodge in 1900.

Facilities during the AFRC period included all water sports, tennis courts, horseback riding, and winter sports. In addition, there was the Crystal Ballroom, orchestra and dancing, snack bar, terrace supper club, 16mm movies and a nursery.
Aerial photo of Eibsee Hotel from the mid-1950s.
Photo courtesy Jack Elder: The area behind the hotel (in the background on the left) with parking lot and service buildings.