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Fuerth Army Airfield (Monteith Barracks)
Seventh Army Aviation

Looking for more information from military/civilian personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S. Army in Germany from 1945 to 1989. If you have any stories or thoughts on the subject, please contact me.


Furth Air Base

504th Avn Co

504th Avn Bn

Det "C," 504th S&T Bn

Fire Department

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Det "C" 504th S&T Bn hangar with tower, Fürth Army Airfield, 1970 (Webmaster's collection)

Det "C" 504th S&T Bn hangar at Fürth Army Airfield, 1970 (Webmaster's collection)


Monteith Barracks Airfield, early 1960s
If you have any details on which units used the hangars or other facilities at Monteith Barracks during the 1950s-1980s, please contact me. (Actually, if you have ANY details on the organization and operation of the Army airfield at Monteith Barracks during the Occupation or Cold War eras, please give me a shout!)

I would like to compile a list of the hangars and their using units through that period.
EARLY 1960s
(Robert Mitchell, 504th Avn Co - see email and photos)
Hangar identified as (3) belonged to the 504th Avn Co, 4th Armd Div.

A heavy aircraft maintenance organization stationed at Monteith used the hangar identified as (2). It may have been a TAAM (I'm not sure of their name). They were not associated with the 504th and did not have any aircraft assigned to them as I remember.
  I have included a picture of an H-13 Helicopter in the process of being moved to the 504th Hanger in the background.

Notice the glass skylights in both your aerial photo and my background photo. This stuff sure brings back the memories.
MID 1970s
(Russell Jones - B Co, 123rd Maint Bn)
The hangar marked #3 on the photo was a MedEvac unit with Hueys -- maybe the 47th, not sure. The hangar marked #1 was used as the Recreation center/gym. Once when our boiler was out we had to go there to get a hot shower in the gym.

I was in B Co. 123rd Maint Bn., the curved building to the right of the yellow line #3. The building had a wing going East. There was a wire gate for the North portion of the building @ the East wing.

HQ & A Co 123 Maint Bn was in the North section and B Co was in the South and East wing. B Co Service & Recovery platoon had the motor pool and HET trucks for moving equipment. HET, Heavy Equipment Transport, were 25 ton tractor trailer to haul tanks or anything else big. We also had a M88 tank retriever and 5 ton wreckers. The Service side of the platoon had the machine shop, welder, body shop, canvas and glass repair. We were a mobile unit but had fixed shops in buildings as well as the mobile truck shops. I had a M109 van for a machine shop with a trailer mounted 5K generator. Also had an Engineer platoon, Mechanical Maint platoon.

There was also the 501st transport, but I don't remember much about them.

The very bottom Right of the photo there is a rail head and a wash rack.

The back gate was just North of the rail head and was closed at 5:00 sharp. There was a pizza place just outside the back gate and we had to slip out a hole in the fence, being careful to watch for MPs.

(Paul Lanyi - C Co, 47th Med Bn)
I was assigned to the 47th Medical Battalion, Co. C, from 1974-1976. Our barracks would have been in the upper left hand area of that photo, perhaps out of view. I recognize that soccer field though, because I liked to run the track there.

I recall the building indicated as #1, as being a gymnasium at that time.

Definitely recognize the golf course and the canal in Google Earth. Very distinctive. My roommate and I would go out and get in 9 holes after duty hours. That big curve also very distinct. Our Motor Pool was south of the barracks, out of view around that curve. Our Company C equipment was stored in a building visible in your photo, but I could not identify which one.


4th Armored Div troops at Fürth Army Airfield, 1970 (Webmaster's collection)

The flight line at Fürth Army Airfield, 1970 (Webmaster's collection)

Fire Department

The Fire Department, Bldg 258, Monteith Barracks, Fürth

A 530B class pumper of the Fire Department, Monteith Barracks, Fürth

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