102nd Signal Battalion (Microwave & Radio Relay)
Hank Bartosik, 1955)
Inside of radio station. Soldier sits in front a "patch" panel, the phone jacks connection board seen in famous "old telephone operators" photos. We rarely used them, except when we connected the ANTRAC equipment to local land lines. Incoming and outgoing land lines panels can be seen in pic #5. The fellow was taking notes from a rare incoming call. The most activity for these patch panels was during the time when our other military units were out on maneuvers and they used ANTRAC equipment. A unit was positioned within our grounds and lines brought into the Headquarters for patching to the major microwave system which went from Berlin to Maison Fort, outside of Paris. Someone had installed a loud speaker over the top of the patch panel and occasionally patched into a lovesick conversation that had many of us rolling in stitches at the naiveté of the lovesick couple!