102nd Signal Battalion (Microwave & Radio Relay)
Hank Bartosik, 1955)
The Tektronix Oscilloscope that I used to fine tune the circuitry, only during the midnight to 8 A.M. shift because of low to non-existent communication usage. I checked on the saw tooth image and also observed the shapes of the pulses on the G. E. equipment. One of the 24 pulses was the keying-in pulse and the other 23 carried the messages. We used the book to examine the circuits, and the tube tester checked on the routine functioning of the tubes, such as conductivity. Whenever we tested the more complex circuits having pentodes we had to consider the age of the tube because the electrodes changed their position to each other in the tube and thus influenced the frequency being amplified. Thus we often came into conflict with the supply sergeant who would return these tubes into the active bins to our frustration when we used them in any of the G.E. panels seen here. We eventually snipped one of the two filament pins so that the tube could not conduct any electricity and had to be discarded. The supply sergeant is depicted in the first photograph carrying the volley ball back into play! We had to cease cutting the pins, so we permanently warped the plates of poor tubes by upping the B+ beyond the operating level to get them bright red! That got us new tubes!