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102nd Signal Battalion
Frankfurt Terminal Site

Looking for more information from military/civilian personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S. Army in Germany from 1945 to 1989. If you have any stories or thoughts on the subject, please contact me.

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USAREUR Patch, 1955-

102nd Signal Battalion

Frankfurt DCS Radio Site, 1985 (William Lyle)


Site near IG Farben Building, 102nd Sig Bn (Wesley Hall)


(Source: Email from Irving (Nick) Nicoll, Det 1, Co A, 315th Sig Bn, 1954-57)
I just wanted to take a minute and add some more info on the 315th going back into 1954. (See Nick's email on the 315th Sig Bn Page for additional information.)

During this time, Detachment 1, Company A, of the 315th ran its radio operations from the basement of the I. G. Farben Building located on a hill in the center of Frankfurt, Germany. This building was also the Headquarters of the Northern Area Command and it was always a funny feeling when going on a coffee break and riding up and down elevators which you shared with both Field Grade and Staff Officers, not only from the US, but from all of the other occupying countries at that time. You had to be able to recognize rank, not only US Rank, but English, French, and Russian as well.

Our radio transmitting site, with its 90 meter tower, was located a few hundred yards from our operations center and we were not very difficult to find. Just as an aside, each time we had to replace an air traffic warning light, at 90 meters high, our CO would ask for volunteers to climb the tower and replace the bulb. This was done because if we had to wait for the Post Engineers to replace the bulbs, we would still be waiting. In any event, no one would volunteer as it was "too dangerous" and it was not in anyone's MOS. But guess what happened on weekends? Guys would line up waiting to climb the tower to take pictures. Go figure....

Would appreciate hearing from anyone who might have been with this Detachment and who might remember our First Sergeant, Carl Morton, or, our Supply Sgt, a SFC Mazur..

(Source: Email from Wesley Hall, 102nd Sig Bn)

102d Sig Bn


1. Aerial view, 1959 (KB)

2. Tower (KB)