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102nd Signal Battalion Archive
(1955 - 1967)
United States Army, Europe

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  Presentation by Walt Gelnovatch on the History of Army Strategic Communications in Europe, 2008

102nd Signal Battalion DUI
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Area of responsibility of the 102nd Signal Battalion
This archival document is dedicated to the members of the 102nd Signal Battalion (Microwave and Radio Relay), 315th Signal Construction Battalion and 17th Signal Battalion personnel attached to the 102d.

Also included are the various individual microwave communication sub groups of the post Berlin crisis era (1950-1952) who were incorporated into the 315th Signal Bn in 1953. These include the following units:

503rd Signal Company (Radio Operation), Karlsruhe

550th Signal Company (Radio Relay), Karlsruhe

22nd Signal Detachment (Radio), Kaefertal

506th Signal Platoon (Long Lines), Karlsruhe

7793 Micro-Wave and Radio Relay Platoon (Smiley Barracks, Karlsruhe)

Also included are members of the
68th Signal Battalion who took over the long line mission in Oct 1967 when the 102d Signal Bn (MW&RR) was deactivated.
Battalion History
Constituted 11 December 1944 in the Army of the United States as the 102d Signal Heavy Construction Battalion.

Activated 1 March 1945 in Italy as the 102d Signal Light Construction Battalion.

Inactivated 2 October 1945 at Camp Myles Standish, Massachusetts.

Redesignated 1 February 1955 as the 102d Signal Battalion (MW&RR) and allotted to the Regular Army.

Activated 18 March 1955 in Germany.

Inactivated 13 November 1967 in Germany.

Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 102d Signal Battalion, activated 1 July 1974 in Germany.

World War II: North Apennines, Po Valley.
Mission Statement for the 102nd Signal Battalion
Maintain and operate the USAREUR Multichannel Radio Telephone Network.
Mission History
Following the Berlin Crisis of 1950 Congress made the decision to defend Western Europe and built up US Army strength in Europe from the post WW2 occupation strength of the Constabulary from 50,000 to almost one half a million. The communication requirements of this new force could not be met by the limited established tactical networks of the Constabulary or by rented Deutsche Bundespost networks.

Accordingly the requirements for a theater wide strategic telephone network were generated and called for a modern class A telephone and TTY communication system similar to the Bell Telephone TD-2 intercontinental commercial microwave radio network in CONUS.

The task was given to the 315th Signal Bn in 1952 who at that time were converted from a Signal construction unit to a Mircowave & Radio Relay unit. The 315th Signal Bn combined the various existing long line units in Germany and France and built out a network that stretched from Paris to Munich to Berlin with connections to Italy via LOS Microwave across the Alps and submarine cables and HF radio. This network consisted of 55 stations and was fully operational by 1955. The network was connected to the Army ACAN worldwide Network (originated in 1922) which boasted the slogan “Around the world with 9 words in 9 ½ seconds” during WW2.

Actual construction of the USAREUR Multichannel Radio Telephone Network varied according to country. In Germany it was built out by a contractor, Lorenz AG, and later by Siemens-Halski and paid for by German reparation money. In France the system was built out by 315th Signal Bn personnel since the French would not allow German equipment or contractors to operate inside France .Previously purchased and stored (Sacramento Army Signal Depot) General Electric equipment was utilized. A side benefit of this strategy was that no new DA funding line, with multi-year delays, was required.

This site contains many archival documents including a data sheet of about 400 names of personnel who served in the 102d Signal Bn between 1955 to 1967, photo albums of most of the sites and many documents related to operations.

The 102d Signal Bn was subordinate to the 4th Signal Group which in turn was subordinate to USAREUR/EUCOM Chief Signal Office. It operated under a TD&A organizational structure customary for a specialized unit using commercial equipment and a non traditional mission.

Walt Gelnovatch
Hohenstadt Radio Station, 1957 to 1959

102nd Signal Battalion Commanders 1955 - 1998
  MAJ William E. Felty 1) 18 March 1954 - 5 November 1955 photo
  LTC Mitchelle F. Saikley 6 November 1955 - 23 August to 1959 photo
  MAJ Francis M. Cloutier 24 August 1959 - 26 May 1960 photo
  MAJ Howard W. Killiam 30 May 1960 - 4 July 1960 photo
  LTC Hamilton B. Gardener 5 July 1960 - 6 April 1961 photo
  MAJ Frank D. Stevens 8 April 1961 - 24 July 1961 photo
  LTC Felton H. Moore 25 July 1961 - 2 July 1962 photo
  LTC Eugene B. Datres 28 July 1962 - 18 August 1963 photo
  LTC Wilmer M. Beam 16 December 1963 - 31 May 1965 photo
  MAJ Elden E. Wayman 1 June 1965 - 13 July 1965 photo
  LTC Leroy J. Jeckes 14 July 1965 - 20 February 1966 photo
  LTC Earle E. Daly, Jr. 24 August 1966 - 13 November 1967 photo
  Bn inactive Nov 1967 - July 1973    
  LTC Glenn L. Bruskiewicz April 1973 - 23 November 1974 photo
  LTC Justin A. Holmes 24 November 1974 - 24 July 1975 photo
  LTC Calvin Swartz 25 July 1975 - 27 January 1977 photo
  LTC Lawrence B.H. Young 28 Jan 1977 - 27 March 1978 photo
  LTC Otto J. Guenther 28 March 1978 - 11 July 1980 photo
  LTC Harold R. Archibald 12 July 1980 - 27 January 1982 photo
  ** (Missing Name) Jan 1982 - July 1984  
  LTC Kirsten R. Graham 25 July 1984 - 24 July 1986 photo
  ** (Missing Name) July 1986 - July 1990  
  LTC John R. Thompson 31 July 1990 - 8 July 1992 photo
  LTC George M. Bryan 9 July 1992 - 27 June 1994 photo
  LTC Edward D. Miller 29 June 1994 - 28 June 1996 photo
  LTC Albert Luster 29 June 1996 - 25 June 1998 photo
  LTC Frank P. Todd 26 June 1998 - 21 June 2000 photo
  LTC Brandon F. Denecke 21 June 2000 - 20 June 2002 photo
  LTC Darrell D. Fountain 20 June 2002 - 15 June 2004 photo
  ** (Missing Names) June 2004 - present  
1) Last battalion commander of the 315th Sig Bn; first battalion commander of the 102nd Sig Bn.
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