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Installation Maps

1. Kelley Barracks, 1978

2. Robinson and Grenadier Kasernes, 1978
3. Nellingen Kaserne, 1978

4. US Army Hospital Bad Cannstatt, 1978

5. Stuttgart Army Airfield, Echterdingen, 1978

6. Panzer Kaserne, Böblingen, 1978

7. Panzer Kaserne, 1955

8. Patch Kaserne, Vaihingen, 1978

9. Patch Barracks, Vaihingen, prob 1951

10. Patch Barracks, Vaihingen, early 1960s

11. Stuttgart area installations, early 1960s

12. Flak Kaserne, Ludwigsburg, prob 1980s

13. Funker Kaserne, Esslingen, 1963

14. Wilkin Bks and Ludendorff Ksn, Kornwestheim, 1963

15. Nellingen Kaserne, 1966

16. Annotated map of Coffey Barracks, 1974


Topographical maps of Stuttgart and surrounding area. This map compiled and printed by the 320th Engr Co (Topo), May 1966.

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Topographical maps of Stuttgart and surrounding area. These maps are reproduced from the "U.S. Military Installation Atlas" published by the 37th Transportation Group in 1980.

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Stuttgart North

Stuttgart South



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A. Flandern Kaserne

B. Flandern Kaserne

C. Flandern Kaserne

Stuttgart Misc.


Stuttgart Main Train Station, 1950s

Stuttgart Main Train Station, 1962

APO 154 compound, 30 Rotebühlstrasse, Stuttgart, late 1940s (Webmaster's collection)

1. Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof, 1952

2. Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof, early 1950s

3. Special Service Center near Hauptbahnhof, early 1950s



Civilian guards protect the parking lot at the Graf Zeppelin Hotel, 1949 (Webmaster's collection)

Guarded parking lot, 1949 (Webmaster's collection)

Barber shop, 1949 at the Graf Zeppelin Hotel (Webmaster's collection)

4. Parking lot, 1949

5. Parking lot, 1949

6. Parking lot, 1949


Kelley Bks


Kelley Barracks, Möhringen, late 1960s

Kelley Barracks, Möhringen (BING)

Kelley Barracks, Möhringen (Mike Smith)

1. Kelley Bks, early 1960s


2. Road to Main Gate, Kelley Bks, 1958

3. Kelley Bks Main Gate

4. Inside the kaserne, looking back at the main gate

5. Hqs building

6. Hqs building

7. POV parking

8. Another view of the parking lot

9. Oak Strasse

10. 34th Sig Bn and 39th Trans Co buildings

11. 34th Sig Bn building

12. Entrance to "E" Co

13. Dependent housing next to Kelley

14. Kelley Post Chapel



Headquarters Building, VII Corps, Kelley Barracks (Walter Elkins)

VII Corps Artillery Headquarters building, on the right (Walter Elkins)

15. 110th MP Platoon

15. VII Corps Band & 110th Pltn  

16. HHC, VII Corps barracks

17. E Co, 34th Sig Bn motor pool

18. Kelley Post Chapel


Robinson & Grenadier Ksn


Grenadier Kaserne, Zuffenhausen, 1960s (Walter Elkins)

Main Gate, Grenadier Kaserne, Zuffenhausen, 2003 (Rainer Fiechtner, website)

1. Aerial of Robinson and Grenadier

2. DEH sign at Grenadier

3. Grenadier Ksn

4. Inside Bldg 432, Grenadier

Wallace Bks


Former Wallace Barracks, Bad Cannstatt (BING)

Entrance to Wallace Barracks, Bad Cannstatt, 1950s (INSCOM)

McGee Bks


Hqs ARC Europe (KB)

2. Hqs ARC Europe (KB)

Hqs ARC Europe (KB)




A. Panzer Kaserne

B. Panzer Kaserne

C. Panzer Kaserne

Böblingen Maint Fac


Böblingen Maintenance Facility & Fliegerhorst Kaserne (Stadtarchiv Böblingen)

Entrance to Böblingen Maintenance Facility (Böblinger Flughafengeschichten)

1. Böblingen Maintenance Facility


Fliegerhorst Ksn


175th MP Bn sign in front of Bn headquarters, Fliegerhorst Kaserne (Al Bien)