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USAREUR Photo Gallery
964th Engineer Co (Maint)(DS), Tompkins Bks, Schwetzingen
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964th Engr Co
Tompkins Bks, Schwetzingen
Photos were provided by Robert Bowman who served with the 964th at Tompkins from 1961-64.

1. Specialist 4th Class Bob Bowman (32 KB)

2. USNS Patch docking at Port of Bremerhaven (89 KB)

3. Working on a Cummins Diesel Powered Generator Set (62 KB)

4. Pfc. Leonard Seitz and Spec 4 Bob Bowman (67 KB)

5. The back side of our shop (49 KB)

6. 964th Float Stock Yard (66 KB)

7. 964th Float Stock Yard (61 KB)

8. 964th Float Stock Yard (45 KB)

9. Float Stock Yard directly behind 964th Engineer Company (61 KB)

10. Float Stock Yard at Tompkins, 1962 (83 KB)

11. Building in center houses Barber Shop, Service Club, Snack Bar, and PX (74 KB)

12. Building in center (bottom) is Bowling Alley (65 KB)

13. Burned out remains after a fire at 541st Engineer Co (80 KB)

14. Headquarters Building for Tompkins Barracks (44 KB)

15. Bob Bowman in Amphibious boat in Float Stock Yard (63 KB)

16. From left: Marvin Hall, Bob Conklin, and Ron Rossi at the 964th at Tompkins (41 KB)

17. From left: Ed Coad, George Surman, and Bob Bowman at Gasthaus (64 KB)

18. Spec 4 Robert Bowman, 1963 (39 KB)